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  • vB 4.2 with Connect

    What does it mean when they say vB 4.2 is included with Connect purchase? Can we install vB 4.2 on one domain and Connect on another (2 licenses)? If not, what is the use of vB 4.2?

    Is vB Connect out of beta?
    Why is vB Connect so slow?
    What version of vB is being used on
    What happened to Articles?

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    You can install one copy of your license. You can choose either the vBulletin 4 Publishing Suite or the vBulletin 5 Connect download and use your choice as the one copy.

    - yes
    - This is something we're working on
    - vBulletin 5.0.1
    - Articles are a feature that will be reimplented in 5.X in the future.
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      Originally posted by screenmates View Post
      [FONT=verdana]what is the use of vB 4.2?
      If you want a fast, operational forum that's not missing features.


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        I guess I missed something. vB 4 had articles. If vB 5 is enhancing on top of vB 4, why were Articles or any of vB 4's features removed from vB 5?


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          VB5 was a major re-write of the software. As a result not all the VB 4.x features are yet available in VB 5.x. Articles will come back in time. Some deprecated features, like "Forum Passwords" are not ever expected to be coming to VB5.


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            Is there a link to differences between vB 4 and vB 5?


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              Not offhand..

              VB5 doesn't have Articles or Calendars right now.
              VB5 has a "Responsive" style (same style for Mobile and Desktop) whereas VB 4.x has separate styles for each
              VB5 has a front end "Site Builder" that allows you to more easily build/edit pages whereas VB 4.x everything needs to be done via Admin CP
              ​VB5 has a new extensions (modification) system so no VB 3 or 4 mods will work on VB5
              VB5 has "Likes" system, VB 4.x has "Reputation" instead. (Likes are only positive and do not allow comments)
              VB5 has ability to embed links in posts with a thumbnail of the site, nothing like that in VB 4.x
              VB5 allows for post comments, nothing like that in VB 4.x
              VB5 Forums, Blogs, and Groups are much more uniform compared to VB 4.x


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                Does vB 5 still store customization code in the dB? Templates, headers/footers, etc?

                Does vB 5 still support hooks? What does it take to implement a plugin in vB 5? I have an login integration plugin from vB 4 that works with another app - an XML product that needs to be imported through Admin CP.

                The fonts in vB 5 are ugly.



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                  Templates are still stored in the database.

                  There are template hooks but no more plugins or file hooks.

                  Any add-on would need to be re-coded.

                  Here is how to make a basic add-on-


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                    In other words, it is about a 3,766 word tutorial to output Hello World.


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                      I explained everything in specific detail.

                      I also took the "long" route to show off various aspects of the system including use of stylevars and PHP files.

                      In real world usage to add "Hello World" you would just use a built in template hook and never need to worry about external files or stylevars.


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