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  • A Few Pointer Please

    [QUOTEYou upload the vBulletin files into your htdocs folder, assuming you want it to be available from

    PS, next time, post in the correct forum for your version of vBulletin. ][/QUOTE]

    I think this is the correct forum, I haven't purchased my software yet, I am trying to get to grips with how to do it first.

    I have been reading the manual, (will be reading again) which just mentions 'uploading', nothing about which file to upload to.
    I need to read things a few times before I fully understand it, please bare with me, (we aren't all Bill Gates ), I want to be sure I fully understand and am capable of doing it before purchasing.

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    You need to speak to your host if you're unsure - but generally it will be one of:

    - htdocs
    - httpdocs
    - public_html
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      Thank you, there is only the one file 'htdocs' except for the logs file.

      I've done a lot of searching and for some reason the whole system seems to be a secret, no one actually describes or explains how it works, or even what it is, and the answers that I have found are so cryptic or short with, it would seem, the assumption that everyone already has a degree or two in computing.


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        As Trevor said, you will need to speak to your host - not every setup is exactly the same, but there is a general rule, which Trevor and I have explained.
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          Originally posted by Trevor Hannant View Post
          You need to speak to your host if you're unsure - but generally it will be one of:

          - htdocs
          - httpdocs
          - public_html
          Part reason vbulletin can't help with this is they are not the Webhost and severs can be very different as there is Windows, Linux, unix, Mac then on top of those servers there are different control panels that host use such as cPanel or parallels/plesk, webadmin and they all use different file structures do can go to one host who uses

          Windows with plesk so could be httpdocs need to put files in or could go to another host using Linux with cPanel so then could have to use public_html

          So most popular as Trevor said is


          Then a few he didn't mention that I've seen are


          So again best bet is contact your Webhost....
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