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  • Purchase issues/questions

    I don't know if I post this in the right section/category.

    I bought the vB 5, I paid for it on Monday (11th), my credit card got charged. However I got an email about how I must prove my identity. (I guess because my bank had an issue, but that problem is solved.) I sent all my private information to vBulletin, I even shared my ID photo. But my purchase didn't get approved, the payment status is still "review", I sent multiple emails, 3 days ago, yetsterday 1, today another one, but I get no reply.

    So I paid, my credit card is got charged, I gave all my personal info to the vB customer service. I bought it on Monday, Now It's Thursday and I still don't have the download link or anything, and I ask the customer service about the situation, but I don't get any replies. If the vBulletin won't sell me the product, just refund my money. A salesperson told me I should buy it with PayPal. Ok, but I paid already. They also said the purchase is fine if I show my ID card. I did. But I get no reply about it. Why is this taking so long? Why no one replies? If the vBulletin have problem with my bank, why did they charge my Credit Card? Someone should share some information with me, because now I have no money, no product, and no info about what's going on.

    Other thoughts:
    (Looks like the vB 5 is not that great, but since the vB 4 is also comes with the purchase I would like that, until the vB 5 gets a couple updates and fixes.)

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    When you contacted Sales, what was the ticket number? Or if you have the Order ID... I can get them to follow up on your purchase.
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      Yes, please.

      The order number is: Order # 100007906
      Before the successful order, I had 10 tries. The 11th worked, when my bank unblocked the transaction. Maybe the online support can't see the transaction? The card was charged, on 11th, Monday.

      I also got this code. I think it's the ticket ID:

      Thank you for the help.


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        I re-ordered it with PayPal, as they told me. So all they need to do is to give me a full refund to my bank account. (Because right now I paid TWICE for the same thing.)
        I also sent 2 more emails to them about the issue, but I got no reply.

        If you could tell them about the situation, I would appriciate it. Thank you.

        Something else:
        Wayne, I can access this page only from your user-page. If I click on the topic link in the forum it says:

        Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page.

        Please try logging in or logging in as different user [URL=""]Login[/URL=""] or send a message to the [URL=""]admin[/URL=""]


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          Did you get ticket IDs for those 2 additional emails your sent (similar to [SID-1182590-af7e2b7d] you received earlier.) If you do not get an email back with a ticket id # then our system hasn't received it for whatever reason, so no one can reply.


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            No, I didn't get any new ticket-codes.
            I got the last email like 2 days ago, but no reply since then.


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              Looking at your ticket, the last entry in it was a reply from our sales staff member explaining the situation. It began with...

              This protocol is in place due to the fraud activity level that is coming in...
              I see no reply from you after that nor any other open tickets so if you are expecting a reply please re-send your question.

              Also, FYI, I completely understand reluctance to upload an image due to security concerns, but from a technology standpoint an https (secured/encrypted) web transfer is far more secure than traditional email which is completely unencrypted. This is already over for you but something to remember in the future- do not over-rely on email confidentiality.


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                I have sent an email you to confirming a refund for order #: 100007906


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                  I received the email.

                  It's a full refund, right?

                  I understand about the upload-security, I just thought uploading an ID to a 3rd party website is not safe. There was no information about what that side does with the pictures, but I found something about how they "use personal information" for things.

                  Another site asked for showing my ID, they had a safe photo-upload tool with a delete button. That one looked secure.

                  Next time I use PayPal on this site, looks like it works better than CCards.

                  Anyway, thank you for the help, looks like all problems are solved.


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                    If you were asked to upload to, it is run by support staff members, under SSL, photos last 7 days and it is not searchable. You also have the option to upload the photo to your own secure site and provide a link to the requester.
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                    Wayne Luke
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