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Thinking of Migrating From IP.Board - Couple of Questions

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  • Thinking of Migrating From IP.Board - Couple of Questions


    As the title suggest I'm thinking of migrating.

    1. IPS has an extensive marketplace. I can't see anything like that here. Am I not looking hard enough?

    2. My main concern is look and feel of the skin. We spent a long time desiging our current skin. What I need to feel reassured about is that there is a thriving community of able skinners out here. Because all of the example boards I've made it my business to hunt-out seem to use standard VB themes. Am I not able to see forums dealing with skinning discussion on account of my membership status not being a paid client at the moment?

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    We have - A site with thousands of free vBulletin modifications. We do not have an official site for paid modifications but a number of developers give free mods on with links to sites that sell additional modifications.

    The vBulletin Modification community is the largest of all the forums out there.

    You can also find skins (styles) on as well- again for free. A quick Google search will find sites selling professional VB 3.x and 4.x styles.

    Very few, if any, styles are available for VB5 yet as it is still very new and we're working the bugs out of it- doesn't make sense to spend time styling it at this time until it becomes more stable.


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      Thanks Joe.

      I didn't see anything in the control panel last night of the demo on addons or modules or anything like that. Is it core edits that it requires?


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        Good luck Dave, your going to need it.


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          Is there even a working converter for the newest version of IPB or any converter that works with vbulletin 5?
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            vBulletin 5 is missing 2/3 of the features of IP.Board.


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              Originally posted by feldon23 View Post
              vBulletin 5 is missing 2/3 of the features of IP.Board.

              ^ What he said, don't do it !!


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                If you are going to migrate, migrate to vB4.


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                  Originally posted by liamwli View Post
                  If you are going to migrate, migrate to vB4.

                  And pray that none of your users use IE10 ........


                  • oldlock
                    oldlock commented
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                    There's a fairly massive issue with the editor that has been ignored for months.

                  • djpretzel
                    djpretzel commented
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                    What's the issue? First I'm hearing of it... JIRA link?


                  • Deathjam
                    Deathjam commented
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                    basically the main one is you can't press enter to goto a new line in the editor

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                  The issue with IE10 is when using the WYSIWYG editor <enter> key doesn't go to new lines. If you switch to source mode it works like expected.

                  Currently there is no importer straight to VB5 but one is expected- no date given yet.

                  Add ons to VB5 are uploaded to the /core/packages folder and/or imported via XML files... In the Admin CP the section is called "Products & Hooks" and is on the side menu. This *may* be disabled for demos since you can't modify the demo file system.

                  In VB4 a similar location "Products & Plugins" is available in the Admin CP where you can upload product XML files or create custom plugins.


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