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VB5 Final Release date ?

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  • VB5 Final Release date ?

    Hey all,

    Firstly my apologizes for what is probably a common question but after searching i am yet for find any answers.. As my thread title suggests I was wondering if there is a release date planned for VB5 Final.. It's just ive noticed a lot of "Beta" version releases in the announcements section. If there is not a actual release date planned is there a rough estimate / rough time frame on this. Thanks in Advanced for any assistance on this question.

    Regards, Darren

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    What you see here that is the "VB5 Final".

    vB5 is unequivocally the best forum software, but not yet...


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      VB5 is a work in progress. The "Beta" has already been dropped from the name and this is 5.0.0 but there are a number of fixes and functionality being added/returned in upcoming versions.

      We would not recommend 4.x users upgrade until VB5 has all the features they need. New users can decide if 5.x or 4.x is a better fit, a VB5 license allows you to run any previous version instead if you prefer.


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