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  • pulling the trigger

    well it's been 2 months since I got web hosting all set up.
    it's sitting there doing nothing whilst I been waiting for a forum to load up.
    was hoping vbulletin would be gold by now but it doesn't seem so.

    I need to at least learn how to make a forum so I think i'll go ahead and buy this silly vb5 thing.
    hoping I can get someone at the site to load it all up for me so I can just play around with it and have
    it like I want it by the time vb5 works properly.

    so here goes.. I'm jumping in, any advice for me?
    what is a fair price to pay someone to load up vb5 into godaddy for me?
    are there security issues by letting someone else do it for me?

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    Please make sure php & MySQL versions meet the minimum requirements. I believe GoDaddy's hosting falls short on at least one if them last I remembered.


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      thanks, oh, well i've organised a pro to install it for me so hopefully they don't have any issues.
      I guess if there's a major problem i'll just have to move hosts.


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        The problem won't be the person who will do this, the problem will be GoDaddy.


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          Please, please consider using a different host. vBulletin rarely works well on GoDaddy hosting.

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            omg, what an absolute disaster
            I paid someone to install it, it was up but I couldn't log into the forum from the webpage.
            I had problems communicating my issues with the installer and in the end i'm still at stage one.
            well actually i'm back a bit further as now my godaddy page says..
            There is a serious error and the page cannot be rendered

            I've just about given up on this forum idea, it's just so hard to install yet I can
            load up a silly forum in godaddy like smf or phpbb and it's on my site in seconds.

            anyway, ok, i'm being a sook.
            so it seems godaddy is a nogodaddy, ok, my loss.

            where to now?
            would it be best to get hosting from a server here in my country, Australia?
            they all say they have mysql, godaddy was mysql 5.089 or something like that.
            should mysql be 5.1 to run vb5? what do I ask the web hosting company?


            • Sage Knight
              Sage Knight commented
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              Your problem is that you need to buy a VPS to even run vB 5 on the bare bones. Shared hosting won't load it.

            • yv3013
              yv3013 commented
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              my new host runs on clouds, big white fluffy clouds, hope it works.

            • oldz442
              oldz442 commented
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              Installed and worked fine here (aside from the obvious issues vb5 has). I am on Godaddy as well, but I have a VPS and had to update MySQL and PHP manually myself via SSH. Also when upgrading, it is much easier from the command line. ie. 'php upgrade.php'

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            vBulletin 5.x requires PHP 5.3.0 or greater and MySQL 5.1.5 or greater.
            No private support, only PM me when I ask for it. Support in the forums only.


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              I haven't had a problem running a vB FOUR (4) 1m hit/month website with GoDaddy.

              OP, I suggest you ride it out with said version for now, regardless of where you host...vB5 is only going to bring frustration until it's updated to 5.0.1 or 5.0.2.


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                ok, looks like i'm up and running!

                my host has these versions.. PHP 5.4.4 - MySQL Version 5.5.28-rel29.3
                and everything's looking like it's ok.

                except for one thing if someone here can help, when I put my forum in maintenance mode and look at my forum logged out,
                the page is totally distorted, only the login part works, when I log in it goes back to normal, but a visitor would just see the forum as mumbo jumbo.
                is there something I can do?


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                  I can confirm I get the same messed up page with the forum off as a guest. I put it in the tracker here:

                  Appears to be a bug.


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                    The CSS is missing (probably the pre header is missing). The fix is part of 5.0.1.
                    Baby, I was born this way


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                      by clicking on "Forum" from this page you will see the page index that measures one kilometer.
                      the last subject in the bottom of the page, dated 2001
                      my forum Support bug reports please


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                        Originally posted by Joe D. View Post
                        I can confirm I get the same messed up page with the forum off as a guest. I put it in the tracker here: Appears to be a bug.
                        oh that's ok, as long as it's not just me.
                        I hope installing 5.0.1 isn't as difficult, surely there will be some sort of automation to installation?
                        like click this and that and there ya go, your forum has been updated to the latest version?


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                          The upgrade will be like all upgrades since 4.x- Download the package from the Member's Area, upload all the files in the "Upload" folder overwriting the files already on your server, and then running the upgrade script in your browser.

                          When done you delete the ./core/install/ directory (just install NOT core) from your server. (OK that last part is a little different from 4.x)


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                            ok then i'll try it when the upgrade arrives.
                            I have no idea what a 4.x upgrade is like as I have never run a forum before.


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