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  • vBullein vs. IPB


    I have a old vBulletin lisence (version 4.0.3 which has expired). And i'm not shure if i should renew or upgrade it. I has just purchased a new webdomain. But i can't decide if i should go for IPB or an vBulletin forumboard. I know IPB because i have a pretty large forum based on IPB software.

    A few questions:
    1. On a acktive lisence, will i get technical help from support if my forumboard crashes (on the IPB support they fix your forumboard if it goes down for any reason for free)?
    2. Does vBulletin set up the forumboard for the first time on the webserver (on IPB they do it for you if you ask them)?
    3. Does vBulletin uppgrade your forumboard with latest patch if you need help to do it (on the IPB support they do it for you if you ask them)?
    4. Has vBulletin an equal to the reportcenter on IPB?
    And i want the header on my forumboard to look similar to this one:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Skjermbilde 2011-08-01 kl. 14.33.27.jpg
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    How to do this? Would i get any help to place an equal header om my board?

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    v4 licenses dont expire and can't be renewed since they don't expire...

    version 4 licenses changed no more yearly renewals.. You get upgrades for the life of version 4 and Publishing Suite you also get lifetime of free support for life of v4 and the forum only version you get I believe like 90 days of free email support....
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      How can they "fix" your forum if it crashes when that's usually a SERVER problem and not a problem with your actual forum?

      I think vB will setup your forum or upgrade your forum for you but that requires a fee. In my years with vBulletin I've sent in dozens upon dozens of support tickets for vB support and over-all I would rate my experience a 4 out of 10. Slow response times and brief disinterested answers. I have no experience with IPB support so I have no basis for comparison. I have a large forum with over 5 million posts so my issues tend to be a lot different from what normal users would likely complain about so the solutions aren't as easy. The biggest problem with vBulletin support is that if you have a huge forum with issues other than the norm you're stuck being your own support. I still have no idea why they removed the big boards section from here, but I digress...

      Has vBulletin an equal to the reportcenter on IPB?
      If you're referring to what I think you're referring to then it's handled differently with vBulletin and I think the vBulletin method is better. And that header in the image would be easy to implement in vBulletin, it's basic html.


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        Originally posted by James T Brock View Post
        How can they "fix" your forum if it crashes when that's usually a SERVER problem and not a problem with your actual forum?
        I have experienced crashes after an softwate upgrade of my forum. It went «cazy» with lots of template errors, you could not sign in etc, 4 hr after i submitted an support ticket, my forum was back online again.. I'm not an «guru» on HTML or CSS, my skills is very limited, so i need a good support to help me out if i encounter difficulties with my forumboard..


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          vBulletin techs will provide that same service for free. As far as I know the only thing they'll charge for are installations of your board and upgrades.


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            You need to buy vBulletin 4 if you want to use the latest build (with vBulletin 3 you can only access builds when your license was valid) so i would really look for other solutions to the costs in getting the new software are the same IPS has renew fees every 6 months if you want to keep support and access to new builds. You and you alone can make pro's and con's with both software and choose the better one.


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