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    I am involved in a small organization (250 members). We currently have a listserv and a newsletter. We are interested in more of a forum approach without losing this functionality. We have minimal activity at this point and most of our membership doesn't use the listserv as it has not been easily accessible and our membership is not the most tech savy group. I know that the blogging function of the community can take over for the newsletter however there are a few main questions.

    1. Can VB be set up by default to send an email to a member whenever a new blog post is created by the admins?
    2. I know that a user can subscribe to a individual topic thread can they do the same with another users blog?
    3. Can VB be set up to send email notification to users of all new posts (in any thread) on a daily or on a as posted basis (like a listserv)?


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    1. I'm going to say no, with some modifications you could get it this way. If you're talking about a forum post, then though some creative use of mailing lists and default features, sure.
    2. I believe so.
    3. Not by default, users need to choose to subscribe to specific threads/forums and get updates.