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    Hi guys I posted this article on This hack is really important for my web site as it will display the top 50 most recent articles in a tabular format. UBB had a very simple hack and it worked great.

    I guess nobody there wants to reply because I have not purchased the license yet? How can I purchase the license if I do not understand how this hack can be used to suit my needs?

    The post I made regarding this hack is here and is as follows:

    On my main page I would like in a table like format, the top 50 (or or number that I can change on the fly) active threads from all the forums open. This can be called via SSI or PHP include.

    I do not want the topic's author name. Just want a simple listing in a table that is 25 rows and 2 columns wide, with each topic occupying one row (topic title, with link to it in like this:

    <a href="titlelinkhtml">title topic name</a>,

    so 25 topics per column as follows:

    . Topic 1 . Topic2
    . Topic 3 . Topic 4
    . Topic 5 . Topic 6
    . Topic 7 . Topic 8
    . Topic 9 . Topic 10
    .... upto Topic 50
    And so on.....25 rows, 2 columns. How the format of the table looks (width etc.) should be customizable hopefully.

    It is hard for me to draw the table but I guess you guys get the idea (or so I hope!).

    Can someone please tell me if this hack is available and where is it? A working demo would be nice too.

    If someone could just point me to the location of the hack then at least I would be able to parse thru it and see if I can modify it to meet my requirements? Thx!

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    There are several hacks of this sort on Look in the full releases forum for post by "Tubedogg" entitled "Last XX posts on non-vb page" or something similar to that.

    Unfortunately that is about as much information we can give you one the hacks that are provided since they are not supported by Jelsoft.
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
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