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    1. What makes us eligible for the upgrade price? If we have ANY, even if it's an old VB license, is that upgrade price available to us?

    2. Is it possible to upgrade from early v3.0 to the latest VB? I don't care about looks, but is it possible to get all content moved over, and for old posts and vb codes in threads to function correctly (does the upgrade path take care of this?)

    3. On the front page, I see there are 3 versions available. Are all versions viewable on mobile devices or I need to purchase the mobile one specifically to have this functionality built into my forum?

    3a. I noticed on the forums here that there was a bar on the right side that showed the latest threads, etc. Is that only available with the publishing suite edition, or are those available with the standard forum version?

    3b. If I purchase the publishing edition, am I correct in assuming that you can quickly highlight users threads as "articles" that appear on the front page? Or are articles that appear on the front page completely seperate and a user would need specific rights to have their content published there without the admin copying and pasting?

    4. I see that v4 is mostly css based without tables. Wouldn't this already make it well suited for mobile devices? How does the mobile version differ from the standard css coded version?

    5. As far as server load would v4 be less of a load than an early v3 because of the way it's coded, or would it be more load because of new features?

    6. How difficult, or how long of a process are we talking about when thinking of upgrading from v3 to v4? (I just want my data transferred over, I don't care about design, if that is even possible in the first pace.)

    7. Can VB do upgrades, and if so, is it considered part of support, or is there a price?

    8. After an upgrade is performed, I assume all my thread urls will be the same, so any indexing from search engines, would still lead visitors to the same threads, but on the new version?

    8a. Would old threads feature the thread title in the url, or would that only exist on new threads created after the upgrade?

    9. I haven't taken the time to check the new css based vb in all popular browsers, I assume that it looks fine in the latest versions of FireFox, IE, Chrome, Safari, and Opera? What are the NEWEST versions of browsers where vb4 breaks? (doesn't look right but still functions, versus actually breaks and doesn't even function? I hear there are still a lot of people still using IE6, despite how old it is. How concerned do I need to be over my visitors browser versions? Are there any checks that revert to a table based version of VB or more "old-school" way to ensure the site stays functional for those that haven't upgraded in the last decade? (If you can provide a specific version of Internet Explorer when VB4 breaks, this would be most helpful, unless it's even older than v6, then I'm fine.)

    10. Does vb4 include any newsletter that sends the latest threads to subscribers? ( I always wish older versions had this feature)

    11. When I upgrade, I sit on that version for quite a while (as you can see by my earlier questions), is there an upcoming version that I should wait for? (Any new features on the close horizon that would be excellent to have? I'm not looking for you to spill the beans on an unannounced feature, just if there is something in an upcoming version, that would be worth having, instead of upgrading right before it's put it, only to not have it on my forum for... what will likely be years.)

    12. In your opinion, can you give me 1, 3, or 5 vb4 features that are the biggest changes between v3 and v4?

    13. Will there be any sales in the next 2 or 3 months, or will the price stay the same indefinitely for that period of time?

    14. After writing all my above questions, I noticed when I opened in a new tab I was logged out already (maybe 30 minutes to hour since logging in) Can this easily be adjusted so users stay logged into my forum? (To auto log me out after only an hour seems a little dumb from my perspective, any reason this is being done? Is it because I forgot to click the "remember me" at login?)

    15. Any plans on updating the attachment popup window soon? Just testing it, and the look of it looks very old compared to the rest of the design of the site, not to mention it looks like it lacks the css overhaul the main front end of VB received, as I see tons of table code in the popup.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I'm really excited after learning vb finally made the switch off of tables.

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    1) If you own v4 Forum Classic you can upgrade to Publishing Suite for $100... If you own v3 you can upgrade to V4 but not really much of a discount think its only like $5-$10 you save...

    2) Yes you upload the v4 files over your v3 and run the upgrade script... you may have some templates you have to revert but as you said you don't care about design so not much of a problem..

    3) There are only 2..... Forum Classic and Publishing Suite the Mobile Suite is a add-on you would still need a Forum Classic or Publishing Suite License...

    3a) ill leave this for someone else that has Forum Classic as I have Publishing Suite so I wouldn't know if classic has it.

    3b) you can promote a forum post to a article.

    4) Mobile Suite is a actual iPhone/Android App...

    5) I haven't noticed a heavier load on mine.....

    6) depends on how many post and size of your existing database but uploading files to server takes about 5-10 minutes depends on your internet speed... Then you run the upgrade script and that generally takes a few minutes... so 30-60 minutes....

    7) Yes they offer Installation/Upgrade service but its an additional price and believe its like an additional $150

    8) cannot confirm or deny this

    8a) cannot confirm or deny this

    9) I've used IE looks fine in IE 8,9 haven't tried any older version of IE and have used on both Windows and a Mac Firefox, Chrome, Safari and looks fine... have never used Opera...

    10) There is subscriptions but the end user has to signup for this with each and every thread they wanna monitor...

    11) bug fixes, new features I would keep updated....

    12) so many

    13) doubt it not unless they offer a new product then sale would only be on that product not any others and sale would last about 2 weeks if that and be pulled without notice...

    14) I honestly don't know very good question though....

    15) no clue.
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