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Leased vs. Owned license question.

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  • Leased vs. Owned license question.

    Hello all what's the main difference between leased and owned license? Is there any drawback in purchasing a leased license for one year?

    BTW, what is the policy regarding changing color of the vBulletin copyright information posted below each message window? UBB has an option in the style setting where the moderator could set the color to match the background color so that it is not intrusive and allows webmasters to highlight their own copyright information. I hope Jelsoft folks do notmind my asking this question

    Thanks in adv!

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    Well -

    Leased license -> 1 year of running the software (+ free updates), then you'll have to either lease it again or upgrade to a full license, in order to continue running the software.

    Full license -> 1 year of updates, but you may run the software forever. After a year you'll have to purchase another year of member area access in order to be able to download updates.


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      If you buy a leased license, you must renew it every year (by buying another leased license) in order to continue using vBulletin. However, with an owned license you may run vBulletin forever, and renew the license every year (by paying a fee of $30) to renew access to Members Area (for new versions and upgrades).
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        thanks and what about change of color of text copyright info?

        BTW can I download the latest version of vBulletin now, and use it in admin/moderator mode only, migrate my UBB users/messages and then pay for license? Thanks.


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          You can change the color of the copyright so long as it is visible - you cannot make it the same color as the background, nor any color that makes it very hard or impossible to see on the background. With our templates we cannot stop you from doing it but if you are caught you could lose your license. UBB does not allow you to make it invisible either.

          You must purchase the software before you can download it.


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            Well I have posted a message about active threads in the forum. That and this memory question which has popped up (I was planning on 256 mb ram on new user, and btw, UBB was happily working with 120 users concurrent (max I saw) on 192 mb ram!). Now tubedogg mentions that 512mb ram would be req. min.?

            Also yes the copyright thing is not a prob.

            Well, about purchasing. I want to retain the license for as long as possible for releasing the board to public on my web site. That's why I was hoping I could install the software, import from UBB, test out the active threads hack, and run it myself before opening it to public. Do I have any options? Any advice would be appreciated.


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