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Question regarding feature setof vBulletin

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  • Question regarding feature setof vBulletin

    Hi vbulletin presales folks,

    I havea few detailed questions regarding vBulletin:

    1. There is a neat hack for UBB that allows users to enter their YAHOO/Aol IM/ICQ info. What this does is that when this user posts a message, an icon next to the user's post shows up which if clicked automatically fires up the ICQ, Yahoo, AIM msg client with the user's ID in it so the user requesting a chat can do so right away. Does vbulletin have this feature?

    2. Can I disable this "attach file" or "user poll" or "topic rating" on a per forum basis? That is, on some forums I'd like polls on, some no, same for "attach file" which I wouldn't want at all, and "topics rating" which I would want on 1-2 forums.

    3. Can I turn off Memberlist, and Calendar features completely?

    4. About Admin functionality. Say I want do mass delete topics posted by a particular user across 10 forums. Can I do a search and get a list that I can check (all) and delete?

    Same for mass move Can I move threads across forums? Is this delete thread/move threads done only via the Admin CP or could also be done if I am not logged in and just click on a "delete thread" url in the message window (like UBB has).

    5. Can I disable the "buddy list" feature, and the "Reply w/ Quote" option that shows up on some vBulletin boards messages?

    6. Can I move the position of "rate this thread" sort of URLs around to my liking (edit/hack the location of this URL for each message window)?

    I hope someone would be able to answer these questions for me. Thakns in advance!
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    Anyone who could reply to these questions?


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      1. Unsure what you mean.
      2. I do not know.
      3. Yes to both.
      4. Yes. Called Mass Prune. . Yes, you can move threads accross the forums. It is done by the Admin Options located at the bottom of a forum or thread. And can also be done in the Admin CP and Mod CP. If you're not logged in, it will not work. Unless you allow guest those privilages.
      5. Yes, it will either require hacking the PHP files or editing templates. Not really sure.
      6. Yes.


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        1. Yes

        2. Yes

        3. Yes

        4. Yes

        5. Yes

        6. Yes


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          Thanks billy, however I do not see any "admin options" on this thread here? Has jelsoft removed this url?


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            Don't forget to thank Tubey. . I have no clue about the Admin options on here. They may just be seeable by Mods and Admins.


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              Admin Options are only viewable by admins and mods (assuming the mod is a mod of the forum they are in).


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                Originally posted by tubedogg
                Admin Options are only viewable by admins and mods (assuming the mod is a mod of the forum they are in).
                Okie, then why do I still see them on other forums when I am not a Moderator or an Admin?


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                  that means that the access mask are screwed up or the "admin" set it up that way.
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                    Or they are using older templates or versions of vB that didn't have this.


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                      Interesting, is there anyway Mods/Admins can be "invisible" that is, logged in and not be visible in the "Users Browsing this Forum" list? That way they would be "invisible" but being logged in as mod/admin, he/she can have access to admin options for every message?

                      I ask this because sometimes users posts redundant requests (I want this avatar! I want this custom title!, this user is bugging me!) when they see a moderator online.


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                        Okie. I see. . Yes, they can be invisible. Not really sure about editing members profiles. And yes, they can use the Admin Option thingy. But they cannot get into the Admin CP though...

                        Edit: Kept reading your message wrong.
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                          Neat, just getting into the nitty gritty details, how do admins/mods login as invisible?


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                            It is an option for every user. You can set it in your User CP.


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                              They would have to go to their User Cp, Edit Options, choose yes for invisible mode, then submit.


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