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phpbb to vbulletin need info

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  • phpbb to vbulletin need info

    i am already running phpbb community which have almost 3,00,000 posts and 5000 attachments with 18000 i want to move my site to vbulletin to secure and entertain with multifunction of vbulletin so suguest me if i move my site to vbulletin then it willl save my all posts and users and attachments? it will easily move all attachments to its posts and topics?after converting to vbulletin?in moving process sharedhosting will allow me to make long process? how i will done it?

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    Yes we have an import scripts for phpBB. You can read about them here:



    Please note that since phpBB3 passwords are encrypted, they cannot be imported. Your users will need to reset their passwords after the import. You can read more about this here:
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      okayz thx for your kind info.but sir i have phpbb 3.0.8 version? the impex 3.0.0 version will be able to import it? and also i have a larg database. almost 600 MB is it possible to import easily on sharedhosting server like i m using hostgator?also inform me that all plugins are free or i have to buy them?


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        I want to buy vbulletin but need info. how can i i do live communication with support member? is there any way? or i have to post here and wait for man hour to get a reply?


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          I'm afraid that they do not offer live chat support. You can always contact sales and ask them your questions or continue posting your questions here. Or both!


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            Depending on the changes to the phpBB database between 3.0.5 and 3.0.8, it should still work (the importer was upgraded to support 3.0.5 previously, not sure why that page in the manual doesn't reflect this). If it doesn't, we regard this as a Tier 1 importer which means that if you have any difficulties, you can create a support ticket and we will address the issue for you.

            Plugins can be free - or they can be 'premium'. It's all down to the plugin author.
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              Originally posted by faraz_hamza View Post
              I want to buy vbulletin but need info. how can i i do live communication with support member? is there any way? or i have to post here and wait for man hour to get a reply?
              There is no Live Chat customer support. But, phpBB -> vBulletin has been done thousands of times by many happy customers. It's a pretty solid process.

              Posts, Topics (Threads), Forums, and Attachments come over, but one snafu will be Avatars. Any avatars that users posted off-site or used avatars out of a gallery will be lost. You may want to ask a moderator to go through the userlist and save every user's avatar (or at least the 100 most active members) so you can manually restore them.

              You will need to re-do all forum, user, and usergroup permissions. I have used phpBB quite a bit and the permissions in phpBB are quite different from vB. Actually I beat my head against the wall for many hours trying to get phpBB permissions to do simple things which take a few clicks in vBulletin. vBulletin does have per-user permissions called Access Masks, but I would see if you can accomplish what you want by Usergroups instead as users can belong to multiple usergroups and it's much easier to maintain.

              MAKE BACKUPS and DO A TEST. You should install vBulletin in a new directory, and do a test import using the vBulletin import script ImpEx, and you and your fellow admins/moderators should test it out and see how it works FIRST and make sure you are happy with the results before you touch your phpBB forum.


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                thx sir for your kind reply in detail you are a senior member but you replied much in detail and guid me properly realy glad to read your reply i will follow your instructions sir, thx


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