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  • Considering buying but...

    Dear All

    I am seriously considering buying V bulletin but need some guidance.

    I am semi pro ICT guy so enough expeiernce with website design but my client wants:

    A) A secure login (HTTPS) and option to (HTTPS) the entire site
    B) A completely private forum - Members only
    C) Some sort of " Pay for access" system - (possible link to Paypal?)
    D) User management by recommendation by other forum user or invite my email.
    E) Customised theme?
    F) a custom login page (IE, as soon as the user clicks the forum referral link to goes to the login in page with only that on it)


    A) Can V bulletin do all of this?
    B) Can a semi pro deploy it to hosting easily?
    C) What version should i go for. (It will be going in a separate not as part of the wider blog website)

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    A: all logins in vBulletin are normally sent via plaintext, and by default are not secured. You could force a user to visit an https version of your page, or put the entire thing behind https. vBulletin isn't a smart application int hat regard, it will just operate happily behind ssl or not.
    B: You control pretty much every permission, if you don't want usergroups to view things, they cant.
    C: users have to register before a subscription payment can be taken, but it is possible to have subscriptions.
    D: Nothing like that by default.
    E: Nothing stops you from customing the software to your likes, your limitations will be HTML/CSS knowlege and the ability to find what you want to change.
    F: Not by default.

    With time effort and money, all of the things you want can be done.