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    Since you have compleatly told a pack of lies i'll put this in a new thread.

    This licence is a VALID licence for Vbulliten 3 - All though expired for support - It is still a valid licence to use as you are not required to renew it yearly.

    2ndly - I was about to spend allmost £200 quid with you. You have just blowen it.



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    The licenseid you provided us with was a valid license, until the lease terms ran out. It was a leased license, which means you can only use the software for the time of the lease contract which has long since expired.


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      Since when was that added into the T&C's ?

      You serveraly dont advertise it and i would suggest to anyone looking to buy your software READ THIS FIRST.

      As far as i rembered it, You could use it as long as you want - Just dont expect any updates/support.

      All i wanted was a simple question answered, And i was prepered to blow a large amount of money towards you.

      However it seams as if this is not the case. I think i'll take by businesse else where. Feel free to lock this now.


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        We used to offer a lease license for a bit over half of the cost of the software. We've since removed the ability to lease the software.
        Leased licenses were about 85 usd vs owned @ 160. (100 vs 180 later on)
        Leased licenses had to be renewed every year or you had to stop using the software.
        Leased licenses could also be upgraded to owned licenses, either early on for the price difference~ or for the full ammount of an owned license after the first 90 days.

        So yes, you are correct, we no longer offer leased licenses to customers, and we don't really adverise the old style licenses since we do not sell them anymore.
        But the owner of that licensed would have been warned 60 days, 30 days, 2 weeks, 3 days, and the day of that his license was going to expire and had to take action. (I believe that is the proper scheduel for notification, its been a while since we dont use it anymore).

        Regardless of where you go, best of luck with your new site
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          FYI - Now i rember.

          I can grantee you i had a full licence, Unless i'v been robbed.


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            Time to close this thread me thinks.

            vB5 is unequivocally the best forum software, but not yet...


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              Originally posted by Joemadden View Post
              FYI - Now i rember.

              I can grantee you i had a full licence, Unless i'v been robbed.
              If you have a different licenseid, I will be glad to check. but the one you provided us with in the other thread is a leased license.


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                I guess i might be wrong.

                Servers me right for letting other people buy the sutff. Apolgies.

                I'll be buying Vbulliten4 in the next few days.


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                  The cost would have been 115USD (for vat) Also remember that VAT will be applied to your purchase if you're in the UK.


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