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  • Urgent: Queries

    1. When is the next release of vBulletin (2.x) expected to release? When is vBulletin 3 expected to release?

    2. How does vBulletin compare to phpBB and wBB in terms of performance and stability? Are there any facts & figures I should be aware of in terms of the database sizes, CPU usage, resource allocation etc?

    3. How do I limit the board members to only 10 posts? After the initial posts their accounts are frozen until moderator approval.

    4. Does vBulletin's runtime support GZIP Compression?

    5. Can the forums have support for multiple user-selectable language templates?

    Any help will be great!


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    1) v2.2.2, which contains only bug fixes, is expected to be released before the end of the month. v3 should be out sometime in late Q1.

    2) vB has been written for speed, especially under large numbers of users. We have several customers running forums running with over 1 million posts each, and concurrent usage of up to 700 to 800 users.
    Database size can vary widely. Depending on what options you select (allowing attachments, custom avatars, etc.) it can greatly vary.
    I don't believe any comparisons have been done between phpBB and vB, and I know there aren't any between wBB and vB. I do know that phpBB v1 was extremely slow and used a lot more resources than vB2. phpBB v2 may be better, I don't know.

    3) This would require a code hack, help for which can be obtained from the official vBulletin resource site . Support cannot be obtained on for hacked boards, but has support areas for such boards.

    4) vBulletin has an in-built implementation of GZip which requires zLib to be installed on the server and compiled with PHP. This can be turned off if your server has another method of compression you wish to use (e.g. IIS's in-built method).

    5) Yes but we currently only provide templates in English. You can obtain other languages in the Templates forum either here or on, and in German at


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      Thanks a lot.


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