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Non Technical User considering migrating to Vbulletin from BB2 - Does this make sense

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  • BirdOPrey5
    VB5 has a 7 day free trial available online here:

    The trial is hosted on our servers much like our vBCloud offering, nothing for you to download or install. However the forum looks and works nearly identically to a VB 5.x forum once setup though the download version of VB 5.x will have additional options not available of vBCloud for security purposes.

    vBulletin Publishing Suite in a term used for an older version of the software vBulletin 4.x Publishing Suite was the Forums, Blogs, and CMS/Articles system as opposed to the Forum Only version which was also sold back when VB 4.x was actively being sold and developed.

    The main issue is we do not have a supported means of importing from phpBB to vBulletin. There is an unsupported, open source, solution called Impex that would allow you to import into VB 4.x (default data, custom calendar data would be lost) and you could then upgrade from VB 4.x to VB 5.x if you wanted. You would have access to box VB 4.x and VB 5.x with a VB 5 Connect license.

    Unfortunately there is no way to check if Impex will work for you without first purchasing the VB5 license. If Impex doesn't work there are a couple of 3rd party sites that special in conversion between different forum software, they are not free. We do not endorse or support either of these but we know other customers have used them successfully in the past: and

    We do have new customers who are able to install our software relatively easily though upgrades and conversions in particular can be more difficult but its very hard to say what someone else may find easy or difficult. I would imagine time administrating a php / mysql based forum like phpBB must be some help.

    Use the trial to get a hang of the Admin CP, check out the VB5 calendar, it is completely different than the VB4 or earlier calendars in the VB series.

    The $249 license fee is the only expense to us for all current and future versions of VB 5.x. Hosting would of course be required and between you and the host.

    Spell checkers are built into browsers these days. I'm making this post with Firefox and it underlines misspelled words like "thise" in red, easy to see and fix. Haven't heard any complaints about spell checking before.

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  • YK0302

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  • Non Technical User considering migrating to Vbulletin from BB2 - Does this make sense


    So I wake up this morning and find our web person has gone.
    We need to look after ourselves and PHPBB2 although used for 5 years doesn't have enough standard features and was never ugraded to BB3 because of calendar limitations and lack of HTML support.
    VBulletin Publishing Suite looks promising as a replacement but costs money and requires a migration and although I have administered both BB2 and BB3 sites I haven't set up a forum from scratch.


    A quick look at where we are today shows we have BB2 2.0.23 with a calendar add on (no name or version that I can see as Admin).
    Happy with Forum although would like more, Google spellchecker used extensively. HTML used in Forum descriptions by Administrators.
    Deficiencies are seen as lack of integrated calendar, lack of integrated front page for key messages that allows specific information for members and different informatiion for non members. Inadequate protection from spammmers.

    Where we would like to be?

    Simple lead in pages HTML pages that shows different information for different groups ie public, basic members, subscription members.
    Integrated Calendar with security
    Good Flexible easy to use forum BB3 Vbulletin both look OK
    Integration with Facebook in such a way that drives traffic i.e. users from Facebook to BB
    Smartphone integration (Tapatalk looks fine)
    Simple Admin interface so it can be maintained by people other than developers (BB2 and BB3 are Ok)

    Some questions

    VBulletin Publishing Suite appears to match our needs does it?
    How complex is it to migrate, is there a script, where can I read a simple overview?
    How much technical expertise do we need to run?
    Where do I look to see examples of functionality, calendar for instance?
    Purchase cost looks like $285, what add-ons and ongoing costs are there, where can I see a summary?
    How do I evaluate? Is there a sand box or test site, can I download an evaluation kit for longer than 24 hours to show others?
    What if we cannot get conversion to work?
    Why doesn’t Google Toolbar spellchecker work on Vbulletin, how do people spellcheck?
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