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    I've been using the demo, testing a few things. One part I can't figure out is the paid subscriptions. The documentation is not clear about how to best accomplish the following scenarios. I am considering the purchase of the Suite.

    First, I am planning to offer forums and articles that will be available to users who decide they wish to pay for the service. It seems that using paid subscriptions will allow the user to pay for service. Then it looks like I would set the program to automatically promote them to add a new usergroup to their registration as soon as it comes back from Paypal. Each of the other user group's permissions would be set to not be able to access the articles and forums. Have I got the right idea here?

    Second, and unrelated to the above, I would also like to have paid "subscriptions" to downloadable files (eg. pdfs and software). Ideally when the user is brought back from Paypal, is it possible to have them shown a link to download the file they just purchased? I cannot find any reference to this type of thing. So is it part of the program or something that would have to be programmed? Also, for the software purchasers, I would like to be able to allow them access to a forum specifically setup for the software they purchased for tech support as part of their purchase. Can this be done automatically?

    Lastly, I would like to offer a couple of forums and possibly articles to people involved in another part of my business. It will still be part of the same website, just an additional forum. However, the only way I can figure out how to do this is to offer a user group that is setup as public and joinable but I should set it for moderated joining. However, I can't figure this part out. Any ideas on if my logic here would work in the program and how to get the join request to go to me so I can approve the joining to the group?

    TIA, rasinc

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    The paid subscriptions will simply insert a user into a usergroup for the said period of time. What you can do is set this usergroup to have the privelages that you require. For instance, you want your subscribers to be able to download certain files, you could have a forum with these downloads in only show up to the usergroup that your subscribers are assigned.

    Hope this helps.


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      Interesting perspective, I had not thought of it from that angle. Thanks, that helps.


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