Question about "Moderate New Members" with vBulletin

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  • Diamond Sutra
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    • Dec 2010
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    Question about "Moderate New Members" with vBulletin

    Hi all, I'm currently sizing up vBulletin for a buy, but had a few questions first.

    The main one is this: I currently run a forum for a few thousand users on the Vanilla (1.x) platform, and one thing that became a "must have" for me after using it was the ability to approve members when they join in the following manner:

    When a user joins, they are prompted to supply an answer to the question "Why do you want to participate in this community?" It's not only a great spam filter, it's also a decent gatekeeper: Griefers won't bother with the "application" aspect, and it basically helps me decide if the person is going to be a productive member or not.

    I see that vBulletin has a join feature called "Moderate New Members". Does this just mean as an Admin/Moderator I would just see the usernames of the new applicants? Or will I be able to create a custom field (without too much additional programming) that will allow me to gather a text input like the above manner for moderation review?

  • Alfa1
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    • Dec 2005
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    You will be able to add custom profile fields that new users need to fill in. So in that regard vbulletin does what you want.
    vbulletin does not show custom profile fields on the user moderation page. You will have to go to each profile and go look there. This is not very handy but it does work.

    Moderators are not able to moderate new users. Only admins can do this.

    If this is impossible for you due to the sheer number of new users, then you can get a modification from Mosh here. It will allow you to delegate the approval work to your moderators.

    I hope that helps.
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    • Diamond Sutra
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      • Dec 2010
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      • 4.0.x

      Thanks, I think that answers those questions.

      Thanks again!



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