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Is the speed of this forum's pages to load typical of VBulletin?

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  • Is the speed of this forum's pages to load typical of VBulletin?

    Although the initial screen-full paints quickly, it is taking between five and eight seconds for this forum's screen to fully paint (so that's it's scrollable vertically). Loading an actual thread with 8 replies here takes a similar amount of time. (I'm on a 20 megabit pipe and don't usually see this kind of delay on sites...)

    This worries me, since I assume that this forum is hosted on some fast computers to showcase the software.

    Is this speed typical of a vBulletin forum? I won't have the tens of thousands of posts and large number of simultaneous users, so perhaps my performance will be better? Does anyone have any experience with forum software from other sources? Is the performance of vBulletin typical?


    PS No, I'm not a troll or a competitor. I'm a current (3.x) license holder (in my corporate job) and thinking of getting a copy for another company.

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    No, not for me anyway. Most pages render under the 5 second mark. Most of the time i end up waiting is for facebook data to load, and moderator tools (as a moderator/admin).


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      Most pages are fast enough on here. And also on my test vB4 site, there are no issues.

      What DOES often cause a problem on here is the Facebook "Like" button which is served from Facebook's servers. When these are slow, it slows the whole page down. On my live 3.8 site (where I have Facebook Like buttons as an addon) I regularly have to turn them off to make the pages load as they should.

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