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Can I upload with FTP and then post content in a vbulletin forum

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  • Can I upload with FTP and then post content in a vbulletin forum

    I'll have a forum that relys heavily on media content. My question are as follows.

    1. Can I use FTP to upload content overnight and then link it in to my forum with my hosting company? or is this done with cpanel easily somehow?

    2. Can I embed flash or streaming videos into vbulletin forums?


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    I didn't understand the first question

    but .. about the flash .. you can easily emed flash or whatever you want by creating custom bbcodes ..

    I have created bbcodes for my board for embeding flash,RealPlaer, and MP3
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      That answers my 2nd question well.

      Let me rephrase my first one. I need to upload a lot of video content that will be down loadable. I'd like to do this in large chunks using ftp, can I upload to a server and then somehow integrate that into my forum later on. Instead of manually uploading in the forum using file manager, uploading with ftp and then finding the files and then posting them. Hopefully that makes sense.


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        Well you can upload content by FTP and the asset manager allows URL based locations to be used. There is also add-ons that do a better job and more organized, to name one go there its called LDM.


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