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hopefully final pre sale question!

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  • hopefully final pre sale question!

    ok, I am new to this and I understand how annoying and seemingly unknowledgeable newbies can be, but I just need some clear cut definitions and so far everyone has been very helpful, I just need a little bit more info before I buy. When I buy Ill be purchasing the suite. Through my research Ive found out that urljet seems like a good host (Is this so?) and they say they do the install. so heres my dumb question, when I click "buy" whats the next step? do I download to my home computer? and then upload it to urljet? or do I just purchase it and urljet will take it from there? Then what? I log in and start my customization, and thats it? sounds too simple. be easy on me folks!

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    I highly advise every trys to instal the software themselfs as not to become dependant on others to do the work for them.

    After you purchase you'd get a Customer Number and password.
    You login to the members area (
    You edit your license.
    You download the software
    You follow the install instructions:


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      Thank you for your quick response. I just dont want any mistakes, Im fairly intelligent and can likely (at least with the help of my wife!) figure it out, but it sure would suck to screw it up, especially when the hosting provider that seems to offer the best service also does free installs, its a little hard to pass up. But you have my ear and Im listening, is it complex to do the install? what exactly needs to be done to "edit my license", after i download the software, is this when i customize it (before uploading to host)? I need FTP to upload it? and do you have any other recommendations for hosts? I know its alot, but I am entering into this new field, and over time I will develop quite sufficiently, thank you for your understanding and help


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        oh and 1 more thing, this is from the install section you just linked me to
        Before installing vBulletin you need to have PHP and MySQL and have created a database within the MySQL engine to hold vBulletin's data." This is a lot of what I dont understand and a big reason for my liking of the urljet free install option. I need to have PHP? ok that must mean I need to download it, where? what? then it says I need MySQL? I thought that meant the server? I have to have it on my pc? and I need to create a " database inside the MySQL engine? What? Please explain?


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          Your webhost, URLJET if you choose them needs to have PHP and MySQL on the server. Since URLJET advertises vBulletin hosting acomdiations you should be fine.

          You just need to upload the vBulletin files to the right place on the server, create a database, create a user, add the user to the database, then etner the information into the vBulletin config file.

          If you need help with any of that, best off to ask your webhost since they could tell you the specifics on how to do that.


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