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  • Charoite
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    • Oct 2010
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    installing on local machine?

    This is the first CMS I'm getting used to. I haven't bought it yet and have few questions that may or may not be relevant before getting it.

    With websites I designed with HTML, I had the first draft on my laptop and FTP'd it to the domain server after I had it looking the way I wanted.

    I'm thinking I still need to do this for CMS sites... save it on my mac laptop and get it built and THEN upload it. I used the test script for the web-server I intend on using and there's no problem.

    Here's the glitch I have before getting it. How do I test it on my localhost?

    I downloaded the test script I used to get a pass or fail with the server to my laptop.
    I have the latest versions of Apache and MySQL and PHP through MAMP on my machine and have a couple databases made previously with it using phpmyadmin.

    What I would like to know is where do I put the VB test script on my machine and how do I test my local server on my laptop to see if it'll work.
    If I buy vbulletin, what are the instructions on installing on a local host machine?

    Also, do I even NEED to have it on my local host? Do most others keep previewing it on the webserver (maybe using up bandwith?) until they get the site the way they want it to look and function BEFORE having it open to the rest of the web?
  • BirdOPrey5
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    • Jul 2008
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    There's a lot to answer in this but...

    If your laptop setup passed the test script simply extract the vbulletin install files to a subfolder in your www directory. Create a database and login info and edit the relevant info into your config.php file, then run the install.php file from your browser. Basically the same instructions on setting it up on a remote host.

    As for the "need" to do this, virtually no one bothers with this. There are two more popular options... 1) Install a "test" install on your same host as your regular install... basically your public install is at and your test install is at you then secure the test install directory with a password so non-authorized people can't view it. You then make changes to your test install and only when ready make changes to the live site.

    If you have to worry about bandwidth doing this you need a new web host because it's just a reality of running a forum.

    Otherwise you can just make edits to your live site, I'm sure most people do it this way... make changes on off-hours when people aren't browsing or use permissions so non admins can't see it until you're ready.


    • Alec W
      • Nov 2009
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      Create a web folder called forum (or whatever) then create test.php with echo "hello"; in it. If you can access http://localhost/forum/test.php from your browser and it displays "Hello" you're probably all set. Install vb in that folder using the instructions in the vb4_readme.html

      I like to have my forum installed locally because I wrote a very dynamic 4x4 trail database and it's easier to develop locally (I don't have to keep copying files up to the server to test). I also copy the live forum files and database locally before each update to test which means I have decent off server backups. I don't really fully trust any host and like to have my hands on my stuff


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