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    Hi Guys,

    I,m new here and very new to vbulliten, I have just had my site upgraded to vbulliten, I used to use smf but got hit so bad by spam, what measures and precaution can be taken with vbulliten to combat against spam, also is it possible to have one of those logo things that says "shameful spammers caught"?

    Many thanks Ace.

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    In order to get support you must have a valid vBulletin license. Once you purchase one you will receive your customer details in an email. With those customer details you can login to the [/FONT]Members' Area and click on the 'Priority Support' link in the left menu. On the page that loads you must enter the email address you registered with on this support forum. When done correctly you will show up as a licensed members and you will receive priority support.

    Not my own text but borrowed it because it says it all.