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  • Google apps and vBulletin

    Hello there,

    I currently have a domain for my company and use google apps for email service for the users. We are planning to use vbulletin board for intranet for discussion among employees. Is this possible to use google sso for authenticating to vbulletin board.

    I am currently using standard version of google apps, but don't mind to upgrade to a paid business version if this feature is available. We are using googlesites, but need more features including moderation for the forums and grouping the discussion to various categories with levels of permissions on a board.


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    it is possible however, it doesn't work properly.
    if you setup everything and test, vbulletin can send emails just fine.
    but the problem comes when it starts to mass send emails (subscriptions esp). most of them just disappears.

    it might be a limitation of standard version where google might have a "email sending rate".

    EDIT: never mind. I didn't read your question properly.
    you have to code your own. at the moment, vB has no official user authentication API.
    it only supports FB connect.


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      As CvP pointed out, the only authentification API supports FB connect.

      You might check out google discussion forums that may work out nicely for you. vBulletin is far more advanced and has lots of good features


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        Thanks for the replies. I checked on google apps and could not find any info though this has been discussed here and there. No clear consensus.


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          More login options are coming:

          Additional Login Options (Google, Twitter, OpenID, Email Registration, etc)


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            Originally posted by ThorstenA View Post

            I hope it works for google apps also. I want to ask this question, but it is being discussed in a thread with access for only paid subscribers. Do any of you able to ask this question in the above thread? Also I wonder what the timeline for this is.


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              Any changes here to run our e-mail from Google apps -- especially the signup e-mail? (It would make life much easier).

              Thanks. -- Rik


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                No, we still only provide Facebook Connect at this time.
                Vote for:

                - *Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe*
                *PM - Add ability to reply to originator only*
                - Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s)
                - "Quick Route" Interface...


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                  Hopefully this will be added someday so that we can run all of our e-mail operations off of Google. Thanks, Trevor. -- Rik


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                    If you are absolutely in dire need for a google auth - there is a product called VB NEXUS on that offers Google Connect; the only problem is that it is for vBulletin 3.7/3.8 and is not compatible with 4.0.
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                      Thanks for the tip. What I really want is to outsource our company's entire e-mail services to Google apps (making our mail mx assignment to Google's server). That would be the end of using sendmail and all of the spam filtering we do locally, etc. It would also mean that we could dump one of our servers used for e-mail functions. The only problem is the vb user sign-up emails currently sent out via sendmail. I believe Google has a 2000 per day message limit, but that is no limitation whatsoever for us.

                      Thanks again. -- Rik


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                        I tried using google to send out my vbulletin mails and opened 20 gmail for domain accouns and rotated my vbulletin smtp script through them. Google marks some vbulletin mails it has to sent out by smtp often as spam and does not deliver it at all.


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