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  • Christophe_O
    Thank you Leadcrow. I especially appreciate your point because I am the type who likes to use freeware and donate $10. I believe a basic strength of Jelsoft was its ability to combine the advantages of "open software" with the advantages of paid software. I hope the new owners are fully able to appreciate this tradition.

    To continue my list of research results:

    8. Another current IPB vs VB discussion. See the discussion: What is the best forum software for me?

    9. Vbulletin evidently has more flexible banning and suspension options. See the discussion: Close to moving back to Vbulletin.

    10. Minor comparisons.
    • Vbulletin has group moderators--assigned to take charge within a group.
    • Vbulletin has hovering over title to show first words of discussion. (IPB plans to add this soon.)
    • Vbulletin has a "PhP hook" that makes third party modifications easy to develop and implement. (Although not directly relevant to all members, this indirectly insures the long term vitality of Vbulletin.)
    • IPB has automatic spam monitoring service. (So-called "free" if you pay continuous update fees of $50/year.) Essentially determines a "likely" spammer and places him in a usergroup with adjustable restrictions. This seems a worthwhile direction. However the main significance might turn out to be keeping members tethered to update fees, while not necessarily being more effective than Vbulletin's sign-up questions in preventing spam.

    11. My personal plans. I want to stay with Vbulletin because, bottom line, I know Vbulletin can do what I need, I know Vbulletin is affordable, and I do not want to learn another software. However, as an owner of a VB3 license, I am adopting a wait-and-see attitude. I will just keep running VB3, until I stop seeing things like Internet Brands "bragging" about just fixing another 1,876 bugs. I.e., I am one of those cranks who tends to follow an adage. "Never a borrower nor a lender be." And, "Never install updates that contain the number 0."

    12. My personal advice to Internet Brands. Lower the price of the Vbulletin forum-only to $150, and charge $10/year for updates. (And make the Suite price $250 and charge the same $10 annually.) This brings the initial cost of Vbulletin forum to equal IPB. And creates a better revenue stream. And enables better attention to "current" members in forums and support tickets.

    Often, software companies seem to have an all-or-nothing attitude to annual fees. I think it is just common sense to have an annual fee, but which is so small that almost nobody minds paying. And such that everybody understands this is for the common good. First and foremost, users want a software that is lasting and reliable: that is likely to remain competitive and that is backed by a company that is likely to remain.

    13. Over 12,000 sites are running Vbulletin 4 successfully. See last question: Interview with This is reassuring about the company strength.
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  • Leadcrow
    vBulletin would be much less expensive to run, trust me on that. is its greatest asset (all mods are free, and access is valid as long as you got a licence, wether its active or not), and utterly destroys IPB' "modding community" (read herd of greedy merchants seeing modding as only a marketplace) and leaves no ashes.

    To download anything on IPS (including redownloading old versions or mods), you're required to pay for renewed 'support'. No reinstalling the software before you fork out monies unless you kept a zip handy on your machine.
    Here, you can always access versions you already had access to, wether now or years later).

    Apart from IPB's regular updates, a considerable percentage of mods (typically anything thatd be remotedly useful) are paid. The board software itself might be slightly less expensive, but overall you could very easily end spending much more than on vB suite in mods. Mind you, most those mods also require renewal fees and demand money from people to betatest mods (says much).

    Keeping your board up to date can thereby be considerably more expensive than you imagine it could end.

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  • Christophe_O
    Originally posted by woffie View Post
    I own both IPB 3 and VB 4. I gave my members the option between the two and it was unanimous, Vbulletin.
    A good point Woffie, which I have not seen before...

    I found this discussion because as a 3.x owner, I am currently in the middle of necessary VB vs. IPB comparisons. I will post here my results. If anyone replies I will add more in another reply. If nobody replies I will "edit" this post. Please note, I am no expert and will make bloopers. Corrections are welcome.
    1. Vbulletin seems less costly than IPB. Perhaps this is not a big issue, but in some discussions that show prominently in Google, it is claimed that VB is more expensive. Cost of VB 4.x: about $200 or $300 for forum-only or forum-blog-CPM "suite," with "free upgrades for life." Assuming "life" is 10 years before 5.x, this is $20-$30 / year. Cost of IPB equivalents is $25 or $35 / year--just for 6-month renewal fees and assuming you allow updates to expire for 6 months per year. (Continuous updates will cost you double.) On top of this, IPB has the up-front cost of $150 for the IP.Board and $50 for the IP.Blog.
    2. There is little point in "upgrading" from VB3 to VB4--and little point in the VB4 "forum only." This is not a bad thing, but primarily because VB4 suite is a relative value. I.e., the "buy" fee from 3.x to 4.x is only $20 more than the "upgrade" fee. So you might as well "buy" one and own 2 licenses. The 3.x will be obsolete but workable. Similarly, there is not much of a jump in price for the "suite." Do not presume too quickly that you will never want a blogging community. Please note:
      1. Just as the "forum" displaced the "chat" in popularity, the "blog" is displacing the "forum" somewhat.
      2. The suite comes with free lifetime service. The forum-only does not. (According to my reading. I might be incorrect. Please verify before purchase.)

    3. Vbulletin is probably easier to modify. Anything you want to do with Vbulletin, you (or a clever friend or a low-cost webdesigner from often can do on the templates with basic HTML. If not, there are free Php 'mods' at for more than you can imagine. IPB also has a vibrant "mod" subculture, however. I do not know if they have improved their HTML-only template-modification capabilities, lately. However 5 years ago, everyone said only Vbulletin had this. Bottom line, if I want some little HTML adjustments, I know I can do this with Vbulletin. With IPB I am not sure. (For the big PHP modifications, probably about equal.)
    4. IPB and Vbulletin are the only serious contenders for forum software. If you only want a small customer service forum, or the like, you can make do with PhpBB, the best free forum. However for a serious forum, it is necessary to choose either IPB or VB. A "free" forum can never be secure, because teenage hacker vandals love the "free" updates. Also, since neither VB nor IPB is expensive, there is no point in a second-rate paid software.
    5. Five years ago, Vbulletin was the one, but IPB has improved. In software and service, the two are very close. Also, your decision is reversable. Both companies will make every effort to be transfer-friendly to their primary competitor. Also, Vbulletin has new owners, and psychologically, should have made 4.x stable before publicly finalizing this sale. Bottom line, with Vbulletin under unproven ownership, we VB-lovers can only assume that IPB and Vbulletin are now equal in future direction.
    6. IPB has OpenID and all-inclusive webhosting. I do not even eat at MacDonald's, so you can imagine my instincts towards webhosting packages. However if you prefer not to know what an "SQL dump" is--and wish to focus on your journalism rather than your software maintenance--IPB hosting packages might be worth a glance. Also, if you are serious about a Blog community, I am no expert but in my small opinion, OpenID is basic. However, I believe Vbulletin will have both hosting and OpenID soon.

      (For the sake of Vbulletin, I certainly hope they offer hosting. Extremely easy via third party. Also in my little opinion, a "webhosting package" is a tactical necessity for a company now focused on a "publishing package.")

      (P.S. The problem with IPB hosting: you cannot modify the template, "I think." I read this somewhere but did not double-check. If true, then with IPB hosting, if any little thing annoys you, and is not available in a "mod," it cannot be changed.)

    7. Vbulletin has "search ID" aka "savable search URLs." This may seem a small feature, but can be used in a big way. Using Iframes or PHP includes, you can convert all or part of any webpage into a customized link list--aka Vbulletin search results--without maintaining a hundred subforums for each little topic. This also might target search engine traffic.
    More later...

    P.S. For another interesting comparison discussion see:

    What is the best forum software for me?
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  • woffie
    I own both IPB 3 and VB 4. I gave my members the option between the two and it was unanimous, Vbulletin. I used IPB for 8 years. I LOVE Vbulletin!

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  • donpetru
    Thank you very much for yours reply.

    Originally posted by Alfa1 View Post
    What exactly are you dissatisfied about? Please describe, as I'd very much like to know.
    In the first, in IPB v.3 not liked very much because:
    a). they changed the skin (would be to let the classic IPB blue in v3 but left him - I think they have lost half of its clients for this job);
    b). do not use private messaging delivery method using the dialog box - as in IPB 2.3.X. (have implemented notification system that I don't liked);
    c). have refrained from direct authentication of the forum index page, as it was at IPB 2.3.X and now, I see, in the vBulletin.

    Certainly, both IPB v3 and vBulletin v.4, also have's advantages and disadvantages and we expose them to you immediately.

    I tested the demo and vBulletin are few things in the admin panel which I do not liked.

    1. When I try to edit a skin, worse is enough to open each template with Expand/Collapse. Please see the next picture:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	IPB and vBulletin.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	88.8 KB
ID:	3679678

    In the IPB v.3 is easier to navigate between templates tabs. In addition, IPB name templates in three are more insightful and the number of this templates I think that is a little less than in the vBulletin v.4.

    2. In the IPB v.3 I have one template called: TopicViewTemplate. In this template I inserted one code that I displayed in the first, the second and seventh post, on any topic, the Google AdSense banners. I looked in the vBulletin template and have not found anything to help me so much easier to do that. I know in the vBulletin thread = topic, but in the templates I don't see anything. If someone kind to help me!

    3. In the IPB v.3 is much easier to add attachments in the forum.

    Currently both, if I have other questions that come along the way (if needed).


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  • samortan
    Hi, i am new here
    i guess you all are deciding whether to use this forum or some other , is that ?
    If yes then i am interested in all the forums
    as i love to chat a lot
    that's why
    and knowledge is most important thing
    collect it where ever u get it

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  • j.hamley
    Originally posted by Alfa1 View Post
    What exactly are you dissatisfied about? Please describe, as I'd very much like to know.
    Same here, need to decide between the two!

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  • Alfa1
    Originally posted by donpetru View Post
    I started to become dissatisfied with the passage of the IPB vers.3.
    What exactly are you dissatisfied about? Please describe, as I'd very much like to know.

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  • we_are_borg
    If you can make use of HTML or PHP and the math you can, the cms allows HTML or PHP postings.

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  • borbole
    Hello donpetr. I have used both and I can say that vb is much better than Ipb, in any way, shape or form. Anyway, about your questions.

    1) Yes, you can do that with the CMS. The vb demo can be found here

    2) You can buy vbuleltin here

    3) Yes, it can be found here

    4) Yes, you can.

    5) Yes.

    6) Yes, there is a built in XML Sitemap in vb.

    7) Not by default but it can be added by an add on.

    8) I don''t really know as I don''t use the vb CMS myself.

    9) Very easy. There is a built in Advertising System in vB.

    10) Not by default.

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  • donpetru
    started a topic vBulletin or IPB ?

    vBulletin or IPB ?


    I don't know if here is post such a topic, but I hope not!

    First, please excuse my English. Secondly, I wants to introduce myself.

    Currently I hold a IPB license and frankly, I started to become dissatisfied with the passage of the IPB vers.3. Therefore, I was thinking about switching to vBulletin. But, I don't know if it worth? I would like to know what benefits are or can yours provide me with vBulletin v.4?
    Let me tell you exactly what I'm interested?

    1. Besides the forums, I would very easy to post an article? So I need a vBulletin with some specific capabilities of a CMS? And where I can test the demo before purchasing vBuletin?

    2. Honestly to say, I looked very much in the HOME page and have not found any button where I could go to buy vBulletin (this, if I decide, depends on you)?

    3. vBuletin has a page of resources, modes, skins... as found on the Invision Power Board website?

    4. With vBulletin v.4 I could send e-mail or private messages to users, automatically, is their birthday?

    5. When users receive a private message, warning it may be received through a pop-up dialog box?

    6. VBulletin v.4 can be implemented in a Sitemap? And if it is free?

    7. vBulletin v.4 has a only download section? Currently I am not interested for blog.

    8. How easy I could post an article with math expressions?

    9. How easily can insert Adsense banner in vBuletin v.4 or how easy can edit a template?

    10. With vBulletin v.4 I can create and send private messages to all users at their e-mail?

    After yours answer me these questions and I will make on others. Depending on these answers I'll decide if I will or not buy vBulletin.


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