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Trying to Understand vBulletin Terminology

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  • Trying to Understand vBulletin Terminology

    Trying to understand how to "muck" with these templates to achieve a customized board.

    1) Can I define multiple sets of configurations (i.e. styles) an switch between them? For instance, can I have a Christmas looking board, a spring looking board, etc and then simply switch between each one at the appropriate time of the year?

    2) How do you switch between them if so.

    3) What does it mean to "Add Template Set"? Does this pertain to 1) and 2)?

    4) What is a "Replacement Set" and how do I use it? Does this pertain to 1) and 2)?

    5) I have just recently looked at the "Style Sets". This appears to be a consolidation of a lot of items pertaining to I guess what I want to do in 1) with the ability to edit all of the main templates from one place, back it up, and restore it. Is this correct? How does a "typical" vBulletin admin use this feature?

    6) What are items in the templates surrounded by curlie braces (i.e. htmldoctype in the forumhome template)? Are these variables? If so, how are they created and maintained? Can I create my own variables in the board by using this mechanism?

    7) How do I include PHP code in my templates? I would like to have dynamic code base on PHP - i.e random images in my header. Is this done with the phpinclude template and if so, how many of these types if items can I include in this template?

    8) Is there any documentation that explains all of this somewhere?

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    1. Yes you can. You need to add a Style Set (consisting of 'Template Sets' and 'Replacement Sets') for each different style you want.

    2. You need to change the 'default' style to use for example your Christmas Replacement and Template sets

    3. Yes. You need to add a template set as well as a replacement and style set for every new style you want

    4. As 3

    5. You can edit all templates from the same area in the vB Control Panel - and they can be backed up from the 'Download / Upload' link under the Templates section in the control panel.

    6. Those are called replacement variables. They control colors, some sizes, etc. You need to make a replacement set as well as a template set for each different style you want to use

    7. This is done with the phpinclude template - it can be as big as you like.

    8. Sadly not at this time - one of these days I might write something on template sets.


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