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    I have been away from this company for a long time, last time I was here the CMS just came out and it had a lot of problems. I thought maybe I would try back now since the product has had more time to mature.

    1. Are you now able to add static PAGES to your website without having to make them into articles? Like a Privacy Statement page or Terms of Service page, About page, etc...?

    2. Are you now able to have the CMS in the root directory of your website instead of under the forums?

    3. Do the different skins/styles in the drop down box on this website all come by default with the forum/CMS and are they supported by vBulletin?

    Just checking to see how far this product has come along before I try purchasing it again.


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    1. Don't know yet have not used it at this point.

    2. No that feature is still not added.

    3. The style VB 4.0 Default Style is the one you get with normal installation and the other styles you can download them for free from here.


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      I posted a FAQ this morning , 7-08-10, that would have answered your question, but I guess vbulletin didn't like it. It has been deleted.

      I would suggest that you use the search to find your answer looking for one of my posts, but ah, you wouldn't be able to find anything, because search doesn't work when you use it with member name, unless, of course you know the super secret, methodology...........

      Search Doesn't work properly, unless you do this.....

      Your answer about CMS permission errors is in this thread...... along with how to unfix the fix

      How to separate CMS directory from your forum directory (I don't know if it works, I'm just providing the link)

      Since vbulletin doesn't want this info in a FAQ, I guess, I'll just keep copying and pasting this post for you folks...........

      This post can now be found in the following threads.......


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        2. You can make CMS behave as if it's in the root.

        Read this how-to:

        Additionally, in Admin CP, go to Settings => Options => Content Management and in Optional URL for your CMS type ../ Then click Save

        Also open and comment out "require('content.php');", and uncomment "require('forum.php');" like below (lines 53-63). This will make point to your forum, not cms main page.
        PHP Code:
         * Use the CMS as the default script:
        // require('content.php');
         * Use the forum as the default script:
        3. Extra vBulletin styles can be dowloaded here:

        P.S. BTW, after making changes, make sure to delete content of Temporary Internet Files folder on your computer.
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          Your item #1 was added in v404.
          Please- I'm not tech support. Don't send your problem reports to me unless I've asked you to.


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            The separate of CMS and forum is only a illusion it works but thats all to it, the stuff you need to do is just creating a link.


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              In regards to #1 I was always able to add 'static' pages to my forum with 3.8... for example this one: You just need to know how to make a 'blank' vb page and use templates- there is an article on that describes this.


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                Thanks for the replies, I'll look into it some more before I decide to buy it again. I heard there is another update coming soon, maybe allready released, idk. I'll see what happens in that one before I buy it.

                Is there a list some place of all the bugs and things that DON'T work? I see on the forum a lot of people complaining that stuff doesn't work. I'd like to know what doesn't, before I decide to spend almost $300.00 on this again.

                EDIT: Also, what is the newest STABLE/WORKING version of just the forum before all of this CMS stuff was added? I really did love the forum. I have both 3.7 and 3.8 open to download but I don't know what one had all the bugs in it, maybe it was 4.0.

                Also, I'm not getting my subscription notifications about post on this thread. Is this another bug? Or is something else going on?


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                  3.8.5 is the most stable and latest non 4.0 release out there, many believe it is the best- but any 3.8 will be very good.


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                    So I assume by the "work around" that there are no plans to actually "fix" the issue that prevents you from putting the CMS actually in your root directory?

                    Also, I have access to vB4 allready. I haven't had time to download/install it. Does vB4 (without the CMS) come with/support the new styles available to me in the combo box at the bottom of this website? I would like to have a dark theme. Or am I stuck with only the default theme if I don't buy the entire CMS?
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                      I take that as a no


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