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    Originally posted by Abomination View Post
    Why do they still have references to Jelsoft?
    I suspect that since it works, they haven't had the need to update it. Don't fix what isn't broken.


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      vb has stated it is not easy to get a new cc processor.

      it is costley and time intensive and IIRC they also said WP was one of the best out there.

      one thing other than FREE email accounts that will get a transaction flagged is the billing or "shipping" info given not matching what ExACTley what is on file for the card

      like if your card says John A Doe and you put in John a Doe that stupid mistake will get an account flagged.

      so can AnY changes like 123 Any Place and 123 any place will get you flagged.

      paypal has called me in the past to make sure i had made a purchase that was charged to my account. and that call happened before my bank called me. they saw a charge of nearly 1000.00 on my account. it was a legit purchase from me for computer parts however it was nice to get that call from paypal to make sure as my previous spending limit was 300.00


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        Originally posted by James Goddard View Post
        I own 3 permanent licenses of VB and a branding free option. I've never done a chargeback or anything nefarious with VB. Why then do you guys not want to sell me more product?


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          Must admit, I won't use PayPal either.


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            Originally posted by Mike Anime View Post
            all you need to do is use your isp email.

            paypal is secure these days as long as you use a strong password.

            in 10 years of paying with paypal i have had no problems. my brother was not so lucky but thats what he gets useing "Yankees" as a password.
            Smart move posting his password. Can I give you mine? LOL
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              Originally posted by Boofo View Post
              Smart move posting his password. Can I give you mine? LOL

              even my bro is NOT stupid enough to use a hacked password. i got him to use roboform and a lot harder to guess passwords.

              i understand why he used passwords like that however. his memory is shot due to two strokes he had.


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