From going through the forum I know that I am able to allow users to make more than one username
per email in the control panel, but I want allow two usernames per email. I want to assign two usernames automatically at registration: A username they choose and a username that is given such
as anonymous 1332 where the number following anonymous would be unique to the member. When posting, I want to give members the ability to choose to post under their normal username or through their anonymous username. In addition, I want to disable showing of personal information if using their anonymous name. For example, when posting as anonymous I want to disable statistics such as, member since and # of post. If another member clicks on a post written by anonymous the only thing they should be able to see is other post written or responded by anonymous. If another member clicks on a profile written under a member’s normal username they should be able to see the member’s normal profile without any references to the anonymous name that person uses or post made under that name.

I know it's a bit completed and is currently not a feature but I need to know if there is anyone that can customize this for me. The basis for my project depends on providing this feature.

Thanks in advance!