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Multiple Licenses - Question RE SEO Friendly URLs

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  • Multiple Licenses - Question RE SEO Friendly URLs


    I'm currently auditing VB via the Demo. Question is regarding SEO friendly URLs.

    I searched "SEO" on this forum, but given the search term is too short, it didn't garner any results.


    1) Are all URLs on Categories, Posts, Blogs, and CMS generated from the Title, e.g.,

    /this-is-my-post-title ..and/or.. /title-of-article

    Or, to choose such a structure, would it need to be selected/modified from the Control Panel? And if so, from which section? (in the demo)

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    If you are going for vB4, then SEFLinks are included with the software. You just have to set the settings in the AdminCP.
    If you are going for vB3, then vBSEO or some other modification is required for link rewrites.
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      As Homeworld'sa said, however, with regards to vBulletin 4:
      The URLs are friendly and to a degree optimised. There are three options: No URL optimisation, friendly (showthread.php?350626-Multiple-Licenses-Question-RE-SEO-Friendly-URLs) and completely optimised URL (/forum/350626-Multiple-Licenses-Question-RE-SEO-Friendly-URLs) [I think that's the schema - I use vBSEO on all vB forums, regardless of version] As this stage, those are the three options, and you cannot specify your own. Of course, a custom modification could be built to facilitate your need.

      URLs are generated from the thread/post w/e ID and the title, if appropriate.
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