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MONEY OFFERED! For an Ikonboard to VBulletin Conveter!!!

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  • MONEY OFFERED! For an Ikonboard to VBulletin Conveter!!!

    I am offereing $10usd to anyone who will write me a member and post converter for ikonboard to vbulletin.

    It needs to be able to merge user account and profile info for members and be able to convert all sorts of posts including formating, polls etc.

    Once completed, and e-mailed to me (as well as tested) we will send you $10usd by mail.

    It is urgent for us to have this converter. It must be made for Ikonboard Release 3.0 RC3. And be able to convert the mysql database. We need this converter and we know this will be the only way to get it so please help us by creating this to recieve our reward.

    For more information e-mail/msn [email protected] or AIM: MonsterAU

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    There are unofficial convertors available for free at
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API


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      There is no Ikonboard3 converter


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        how big are your current forums..

        how many members? posts? threads?


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          From the forums:
          Members: 249 , Threads: 1203, Posts: 7982

          Good luck


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            Originally posted by Goldfinger
            how big are your current forums..

            how many members? posts? threads?
            Yep, thats it


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              Ikonboard 3.0.1 the first official non beta release is out this weekend, the database has been frozen for at least a month. I spoke to a beta tester and there is no database change.

              I am still offering this reward, but it is going to be doubled to $20.

              I need this converter to get away from horrible Ikonboard, with its terrible management and support, but first of all the less features and bugs.

              Just to give everyone a laugh:

              "This product raises the bar. We didn't add or copy features for iB3; we invented them. Our development team exceeded my wildest expectations and in doing so, I think we've reinvented this industry segment. Competitors can't touch this product, they can only hope to try and emulate it," said John D. Jarvis, President and CEO of Jarvis Entertainment Group. "iB3 generates excitement in the business to business community because it generates revenue, while remaining the most affordable, accessible, feature rich community building software. We're in the pole position; no one can touch what we've accomplished. iB3 is community innovation."

              The whole of this ridiculous article can be read at,11,05-20

              Anyways, back to the converter, can it please be done ASAP


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                LOL @ the statement from the Jarvis group.. i wanna see some sappy writing like that from Jelsoft when vB 3.0 debuts .


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                  Oh my god, "multiple templates"! "forum specific skins"!! "showing online members, total post & member count on any page"!!!
                  Chen Avinadav
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                    *sigh* if only vB could have such features

                    i dont think iB will be able to compete with vB 3.0's remote dishwashing feature
                    Last edited by Goldfinger; Sun 16 Dec '01, 7:29am.


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                      remote dishwashing, what about the auto-dryer, tv remote and palm pilot organizer

                      Anyways! THE CONVERTER!


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                        And my groceries.


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