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I have a few questions before I purchase a vB.

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  • I have a few questions before I purchase a vB.

    First of all, I hope I'm not breaking any kind of rules and registering here before I purchase my vB. I'm planning on getting one soon and would like a few questions answered.

    1) Are the vB programmers very active, and give out upgrades every few weeks or sooner. I am currently an admin of an ikonboard and am quite used to seeing newer versions with added features/fixes/revisions coming out frequently. I just wanted know if it was the same here.

    2) As I said in the above question, I am the admin of an ikonboard. Well, I'm wondering if there is a way to transfer the database from there to a vB without screwing up things like the stats of the forums. (total posts, members, profiles, login details, ect.)

    3) This is more of a statement, but I hope the support and the hacking community here are better than iB.

    I thank you ahead of time for answering my questions.

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    1. We (Developers and Moderators) are very active - though new versions aren't quite as frequent as other programs as we like to ensure the quality of the release. At the moment, a big new version (vB 3) is in fairly early stages of development so there won't be a release for a few months.

    2. I don't know which version you're running but there is an official converter in the works for v2 and I believe there is an unofficial one already out at (our code hacking community). Again I believe there is a v3 unofficial one around there somewhere as well.

    3. Our code hacking community is at - take a look, it speaks for itself

    Hope that helps


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      Ok, thank you for answering my questions so fast.

      Is there a site that installs the software for free? $135 is just too much.



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        Its pretty easy to install yourself . You can try it out by getting a copy of the vBulletin Lite. All you do is:

        1. create a database in mysql
        2. add a username to that database.
        3. Configure the config.php ( right after you unzip it but it should be renamed to config.php)
        4. upload all the files
        5. Run the install.php
        6. Delete the install.php and the upgrade files.
        7. Enjoy and start posting .


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