Hey all,

I heard that VBulletin did offer a huge discount to license owners for the 4.0 upgrade. Is this true?

I have had VBulletin for a number of years and because of the new policies I have a couple weeks now to purchase 4.0. I was wondering if there was a discount available and if I missed it and why? I have checked my e-mail and can find nothing from the last 4 months from VBulletin regarding this. There is a chance my spam protection could blocked it or something but regardless I cannot find it.

# Is there still a discount available for license holders who wish to upgrade to 4.0?

# Is there any way to get an extension on my expiration date

# - If I do not upgrade can I continue using 3.8 and the V Bulletin forums or am I just dismissed...???

# - Does the previous license hold any value at all for anything or has it been deemed null and void?

Thank you so much for your help. Despite the fact that I am really upset about my license being nulled I have to say that the 4.0 version is the absolute best version I could imagine! I just think it is amazing and I am tempted to start pawning my belongings in order to pay for it... It is THAT GOOD!!! lol