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vBulletin Issue - Proposed vBulletin License Transfer [SID-999508

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  • vBulletin Issue - Proposed vBulletin License Transfer [SID-999508


    I responded to the email and I posted on the link provided in the email and I have not heard anything or received anything back concerning the transefer.

    Will someone from the staff contact me and inform me of what the next step is or how long my wait will be?

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation

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    it has been 24 hours and still no response. when I spoke with someone yesterday I was told I will have to wait 24 hours then if I sent an email it would be handled. I waited 24 hours sent an email still no response . I called spoke with someone this morning and was told that I would have to wait until monday to speak with someone on the phone.

    I am not pleased with my experience. I am hoping that someone contacts me today or if I am forced to wait til monday morning I hope I wake up to an email containing the license if not I will not be pleased of course but this will make me second think purchasing two more licenses which is what I had in mind. I admit this experience has angered me somewhat


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      issue has been resolved and I am loving the software. Thank you Vbulletin staff. I am so happy. Thank you. I do plan on buying another license or two I love the software LOVE IT!


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        i'm having the same problem and I would like to know how did you solve this issue as I dont know what to do anymore.

        Last Tuesday in my mail I received from vbulletin support the "Proposed vBulletin License Transfer" prospect, and i've been asked to reply and confirm it as soon as possible.
        I did it almost immediately.
        Now today, Saturday, after 4 days... still nothing, and most probably the whole week-end will pass like this, in silence.
        I've tried to reply 3 times to that message, thinking that could have been a problem with my e-mail, but now I know for sure it's not, because they do read messages (asked trace-receipt of it).
        Anyway to be even more sure 2 days ago I tried to use my other gmail account, and forwarding a message to support from there, explaining the issue (and copying the original msg they sent me), but I have never received any reply, neither over my gmail account.

        I wonder if it's normal that we have to wait so much for them to process a License Transfer?
        I don't know if this is the usual timing for vBulletin support to handle such requests but honestly a week seems too much...

        Please advise.
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          Did the email get sent by a representative of vBulletin Solutions and which email did it come from?
          That's it. If you REALLY can't say ANYTHING nice to me at all on this forum, then I am going to go insanely mad at you. I've had enough of the UNTOLD ABUSE you are all giving me and you should really be CONSIDERATE of other people.


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            Originally posted by Homeworld'sa View Post
            Did the email get sent by a representative of vBulletin Solutions and which email did it come from?
            Well, no doubts that the e-mail I received is verified, mostly because it came 4 hours after the original request sent (from the support panel) by the member who's transferring the license to me, last Tuesday.
            The e-mail i received, in the subject has the usual vBulletin Issue - Proposed vBulletin License Transfer [SID-xxxxxx-xxxxxxx] as reported in the title of this thread.
            Also the vBulletin Support Member who sent it, signed it at the end with his First and Last Name, and afaik I can tell you that he's very well known here

            Curious that a day after I've asked my friend (who's transferring me the license) to try to send a question to support, from his panel still active now, asking clarification and timing for the staff to process vB License Transfers, and my friend told me that he (same person from Support who sent me the email) replied:
            "When he does I will follow-up. But since I do not work 24 hours a day you do not have to remind me. I will do this when I can.".
            Kinda funny, isn't it? Is this the kind of reply a customer, who paid almost $300 three months ago for your company software license product, expect to receive?
            We were both surprised of reading that reply.

            Well, I am sorry but I DON'T think that in 4 days (probably 32 hours normal working time) he (they) didn't have time to process this request yet...
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              Personally, I've never had to go through a license transfer, it could take Days, Weeks etc.

              You would be better off waiting for an official representative that can officially answer your question.
              Jut a random internet person.

              A message to all illegal users!


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                Originally posted by hitmancode47 View Post
                Personally, I've never had to go through a license transfer, it could take Days, Weeks etc.
                The member who started this thread for the same problem, wrote the first post on 5th March. On 7th March the issue was solved... as he reported that. And it was even Sunday.
                I wanted to send him a private message, asking him how it's been solved but it seems I can't do it from here.
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                  hi all. thanks for info

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                    Issue solved.
                    Don't waste your days and time in replying to the "vBulletin Issue - Proposed vBulletin License Transfer" through your email directly.
                    Don't even make a direct Reply to that message, cause vBulletin support will never see it... for some reasons I don't know, they won't receive messages emailed directly to them, for this issue.
                    Well, the solution instead is simple, but a bit hard to find and discover...
                    In the message with the proposal that you receive, just search for the following part:
                    To view your query online, please visit this address: xxxxxx
                    and click on the link. Post a follow-up directly from there, that's the only way for them to see your agreement and send you your new license.

                    Hope this is helpful for the next ones...
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