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    Originally posted by ZebraNasty View Post
    So like there isn't going to be a vB5 any time in the near future?
    I can't predict the future, sorry.
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      Here's the issue in a nutshell.... you can buy vb4 today. You will get every update that is released under vb4 for free and you can continue using forever (theoretically of course).

      The issue however is that they have not made it clear to us what the price range for vb5 will be and if existing customers will get some kind of discount off that. In other words, how much are they expecting me to pay to keep up with the latest and greatest releases.

      This is a concern, at least for me, because:

      (a) Ray Morgan, former head honcho, stated that they hope to release a new version every 2 years. At the moment, I am figuring I will have to rebuy each license at approximately the same rates assuming no discounts are offered and pricing doesn't go up for any reason. I guess that's a good guestimate to go with when you factor the upfront costs and the projected course later on.

      (b) Prior to the release of vb4, you could buy a license and you were given updates for a 1 year period. After that 1 year was up, you could renew those updates for a modest sum ($40-$60).

      Historically, that same renewal fee brought us up from vb1 to vb2 (completely rewrite) to vb3 (another complete rewrite) through vb 3.5, 3.6, 3.7 and 3.8 (each of which had significiant updates).

      While a company has a right to change their licensing terms moving forward (aka for new customers), vb4 broke that model even though vb4 has a lot of legacy code from the vb3 series in it. In fact, we went from 4.0.8 to 4.1 and the only difference between is a few bug fixes (but you can read the announcement yourself). The reason I bring this is up is because I am concerned that instead of releasing what should rightfully be called "vb 4.2" they may just call it vb5 instead and I am stuck having to buy a new license for it just to obtain bug fixes and features that were promised to us under vb4.

      There is just too much uncertainty around this for my personal liking. Fabian (vp of technology for vbulletin solutions promised a few months ago to look into this and I hope we will hear something official sooner rather than later.
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        Hi! Who can I to contact if I know that someone uses an unlicensed vbulletin forum and without a phrase "Powered by vBulletin™ Version x.x.x"?
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          You can reprot them here but Powered by vBulletin™ Version x.x.x can be removed if they have bought an unbranded version. You can not tell on the outside if its legal or not.


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            Thank u for a link! No no, I'm sure that it's an unlicensed copy.
            And one more question. Can you tell how much cost a vbulletin license for version 3.x.x?
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              There is no 3.8. license to purchase. You can purchase a vB4 license and use an older version instead if you want.
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                Thank u!!


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                  If you acquire a lifetime VB4 pass instrument you get lifespan to any versions after as advantageously? specified as vB5 when it's mature?


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                    Originally posted by stevenjotello View Post
                    If you acquire a lifetime VB4 pass instrument you get lifespan to any versions after as advantageously? specified as vB5 when it's mature?
                    No you will not get vb5 ... even if vb5 is nothing more than another coat of paint on vb3
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