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    I was delighted to see this on VBulletin when I ran a YaBB search:

    I would be more than happy to contribute to Seans quest to fund VBulletin if he's willing to share the converter, but I've been unable to get in contact with him. Can anyone help? It seems he may have the answer to so many YaBB users prayers!

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    I know the developers are continually looking at new systems to provide import scripts for. Currently the list includes UBB (5/6), Opentopic, vBulletin Lite and the posts from ezBoard.

    I know several others are in development as well. You could use his import script to upgrade to vBulletin Lite then upgrade to the full version. There will be more official versions available in the future as well. You can also check out and see if someone has released an unofficial importer for YaBB. I think there are some for Ikonboard and phpBB but not sure about YaBB.
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      YaBB converter seems to be the ultimate holy-grail for VBB. It's shrouded in myth and legend for a start.

      This Sean353 guy seems to have cracked the code to its' location. If I could import my data to VBulletin light, and then to VBB2 I'd be a happy little man.

      I'm off to try that .org job but let's face it, it isn't there is it?


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        I don't know if it is or isn't, but as Wayne said if you can get to vB Lite there is an official importer available to get you the rest of the way.


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          hi chaos its me again...

          if u find the converter plz msg me...

          [email protected]

          i cant find that anywhere.. and other way that i find and tell at .org; author disappeared



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            Originally posted by wluke
            You can also check out and see if someone has released an unofficial importer for YaBB. I think there are some for Ikonboard and phpBB but not sure about YaBB.
            Cant dl of unless you are a vb owner

            Ynless I am wrong


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              You are correct, but if you are trying to import into vBulletin you would need to be a customer anyway...?


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                anyway there arent any offical unoffical yabb converter?

                is it?

                i think simply no!
                so i dont wanna loose all the thing..
                and this means buying vB delayed to the release of yabb converter.



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                  I don't know if there is an unofficial YaBB importer. You could always write one, you know.


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                    I think you'll find that's your job.


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                      Well, first off, I'm not a developer. So in any case it wouldn't be my job.

                      That said, we cannot provide importers for every possible message board. There are over 100 that I found just running a quick search on Google. Thus far we have had 3 requests for YaBB versus probably 50 or more for Ikonboard, and only slightly less than that for W3T/UBBThreads.

                      If you want an importer, why can't you write it? If you can't write it, pay someone $10 to write one. If you purchase vBulletin you can even use the currently available importers as a base for the script. We provide the forum and select import scripts; we do not and can not provide scripts for every forum. It's not a good use of time to write an importer for 1 or even 5 people when there are literally hundreds of people asking for a different one.

                      Jelsoft writes forum software, not importers. The importers are a bonus.


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                        What can I say S.molinari? You have given me the chance to convert to VBB, fantastic!

                        See tubedogg, now that's results!

                        Even if there's a few glitches with the converter, S, we can work on it from there, and if we make any modifications, it's yours for the keeping.

                        Thank you very much, I want to put a hyperlink on my site to yours as part of the 'Thanks' page? Anything else I can do?


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                          I never said there wasn't one written! Why does everyone twist my words?

                          I said earlier there might an unofficial one but I didn't know.


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                            It's nothing personal Tube, just the softly, softly approach doesn't work much. Don't take it so seriously, I've nothing against you. I just want a YaBB-verter.


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                              Tube, I had a look at your 'last post' hack. Nice one! Quite an interesting way of adding an extra taste of all important interactivity to a site. It works jolly well too. I'm off to find those well needed coppers to buy VBB, or someone willing to test molinari's converter..

                              ..anyone willing to test molinari's converter?


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