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Some questions about converting my static site with multiple themes/sections to vB 4

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  • Some questions about converting my static site with multiple themes/sections to vB 4


    First off sorry about the length of this post, and I will attempt to number major areas that I really need input with.

    I've been doing a lot of research for the past week or so on upgrading my web site and am really interested in vBulletin 4's CMS features.

    My site is currently built by hand, and in certain areas integrates with Wordpress and bbPress. It's really a hack job though and I'm unable to do many of the things that I want to do. What I really need right now is a much more social aspect to my site, which would be seamless integration of forums, articles, user pages and so forth - basically all of the social features vB 4 claims to do.

    First off, I'll show you what my site looks like so you have an idea:

    My site is basically a review center for conventions. The conventions are divided into different categories such as Anime, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and so forth as you can see in the text below the main "The Con Source" Banner. In the Sci-Fi category for example, there are conventions that belong in that genre, which can be seen on this page:

    - 1 -
    Clicking on one of these conventions will take you to it's respective page. Using the "Wrath of Con" page as an example ( ), this area is further broken down into different sections which are "Overview," "History," "News," "Events," and so on. On this main Wrath of Con page I'd like to use this as a template for all of it's subsequent pages, meaning the banner and page links need to remain across all of it's pages.

    - 2 -
    Another thing I'm looking for is being able to display a page with only a specific forum appearing. On the "Boards" section ( ) it loads a Wrath of Con forum that I created in bbPress into an iframe. This is certainly not the best way to do it, and I'd like to know if vBulletin can be used in such a way so that I can simply put in a forum ID and have it load in a page.

    - 3 -
    I was reading on the features page of the vB site that templates/styles can be assigned individually per page.. how is this handled? What I mean is, do you assign a .css file per page or how does that work? I need to have each category look different (anime pages will look different than sci-fi pages, etc).

    I want to retain the same look I have right now, and while I know it will take a bit of time redesigning it for use with vBulletin I just need to know that this can all even be done. I'm sorry for taking up your time with this long email but $280 is a lot for me to spend on something right now and I need to make sure it will even do what I need to be done : )


    I emailed sales asking these questions to which they replied that duplicating my current site into vBulletin would be possible, "however it would require a signifiant amount of customization and possibly changes to the code as well, which is not something we could officially support."

    - 4 -
    As experienced vB users, what is a "significant amount of customization"? I'm comfortable with taking chunks of code and playing with them into doing basic things that I want, however I have no coding experience if I wanted to make a custom script or anything like that. With the exception of Wordpress, bbPress and some other scripts such as the countdown timers, everything was built by hand and makes use of many includes() to pull in content from other pages just to let you know of what my skill level is.

    - 5 -
    In addition, what "changes to the code" would they likely be referring to? Would I need to do some serious messing around with the foundation of vBulletin? I'm worried that if this is the case my site would break in future releases of vB - is this accurate?

    - 6 -
    Also, am I able to maintain the same sort of URL hierarchy that I currently have ( cons > scifi > overview )?

    Thanks for reading all of this. I'd be content in keeping with my built-by-hand method, but again I really want the site to be more social and that's not something that I'm able to do on my own.

    Adam Lawton

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