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    Hi Guys and Girls,

    I was thinking it might be a good idea to have a vb4 style competition for all the skinners or style kings and queens in this community, to show off their styling skills and get their creative juices flowing.

    It would also be nice to maybe see the winning style become an additional style for both the forum only and suite version in a future version.

    I don't know if the people with the power at vbulletin would be willing to agree to this, It would be great if they did, as I feel it would strength the bonds and give people a great buzz in knowing that their style might become part of a great package. It would be great hear from someone from the vbulletin team to see if it is viable and they would support this competition and have the winning style in a future version.

    If it is a agreed upon, I am more than happy to setup a vb4 suite (i have a 2 suite licenses and one of them I haven't started using yet) on my domain. After the competition closes, i could installl all the styles, so that everyone can see them all in one place. I would then post a poll with each style ( only allows 10 options as standard and I don't think this would be enough, then again it may only need 2 options, lol) and a hyperlink to each one (i.e. /style=1, style=2). If you have other suggests, please let me know.

    I would set it up so unregistered visitors could vote, so registration wouldn't be necessary.

    I am not sure if it would be possible to upload all the style files to the forum, if they would welcome this. If this is the case I wouldn't mind people registering on my website and uploading the files there. We could work this out if it gets the nod.

    There are a couple of things I am not sure about and if someone could answer them for me I would be very grateful.

    1. Are the style between vb forum Only and vb suite interchangeable, i.e. if someone created a style using forum only would that style work with the suite, I know the cms and blogs wouldn't be changed, but would the suite forum match the forum only version? and the other way round
    2. What is a realistic timescale to create a style, I was thinking about 4 months, is that a enough time, too long or 5 months would be better?
    3. The poll timescale (not this poll) would be open for 3 months and the winner announced afterwards

    The rules:

    This competition is open to anyone with either vb4 forum only and suite packages, vbulletin community, vbulletin staff, staff and cats, maybe not cats they would just spend all their time chasing the mouse about.

    All entries must have the the standard vbulletin logo and the vbulletin copyright notice viewable on every page (like it is now) - any that do not will be rejected.

    You can submit as many styles as you wish, but only the first version will be judged. (so do not send them in to quickly, wait until the competition is close to finishing)

    Zip all your style together. (Your style will become public domain)

    Have fun. That's it - the rest is up to you.

    You can change any of the standard icons, change things about, if you do change any icons, please could you put them in a separate folder, so that they are not all in the /images root. If you have the suite, please style the forum, the cms and blogs are optionally.

    If it is agreed, I was thinking of starting the competition on the 1st February 2010

    This is all depend if the top people at vbulletin agreeing. /me throws cash

    Another good thing is that vb4 will get some an instant set of styles for the community.

    Please cast your votes now.

    I welcome any comments or advise.

    Sorry for posting this in the pre-sales forum, but most of the other forums do not allow polls.
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