Is there a way I could install vb4 to a different location, get all my content loaded into the cms... get the forums customized and skinned differently... pretty much have it ready to go...

Then import the data off my forum (currently 3.8.4)

I want to upgrade, but my main site is joomla (tons of content) and I would really prefer to "pre-load" my CMS and restyle my forums before user #1 ever sees them. I don't want everything blank / default / bland and lacking before I go and open it up.

Also, is it possible to have the blog or cms in a different directory. Cause I always used /forums/ and I got dozens of sites that link in that way. So, for example : Id put the CMS/blogs in my hom/root folder.... and then the forums in the /forums/ folder so no links have to be changed.

What kinda of approach would I take to doing something like this?