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Questions - Existing License but Never Installed

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  • Questions - Existing License but Never Installed

    I purchased a vBulletin "Owned License" in January or February of 2007.

    At the time my need changed, and I never installed or setup the board.

    I now have a need to install this board. I have (I think) all the files associated with the board.

    I see in the header comment tag that it is version 3.6.4

    I also want to know what things I need to do, to be in compliance with my license.

    Thank you for any assistance.

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    you can install that just make sure to only run one live board though.

    you can have one copy open to the public and one private copy as long as you are the only one able to view it for testing purposes.

    just be awayre that 3.6 is EOL or close to it now.


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      What are the ramifications of EOL?


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        as posted here

        vBulletin 3.6 and 3.7 are now End-of-Life
        With the release of vB4 Forums and Publishing Suite please note the following information regarding support for older versions of vB:

        3.8.x: Supported and updated for bugs and security fixes.
        3.7.x: No longer supported and will only be updated for security fixes.
        3.6.x and earlier: These versions are end–of-life and are no longer supported or updated


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          End of Life, quoted from announcement:
          3.6.x and earlier: These versions are end–of-life and are no longer supported or updated.
          Basically, it means that they wont receive security updates, support from the bug trackers, etc.


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            With an existing 3.6.x Owned License, is there an upgrade price, or shall I guess that I'd have to pay full retail all over again?


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              You can upgrade to vBulletin 4 for 175/250 for the Forums Only/Suite


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                Thank you for your assistance.


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                  Ok, I'm ready to do this.

                  I only need the "Forums Only" package.

                  On your "vBulletin.ORG" forum, I've inquired with third party service providers about installation and customization. What is included in the $150 installation that vBulletin offers? I'm going to need a bit of customization so I suspect I need a 3rd party, but I just want a comparison. See whether I should have vBulletin do the install and a 3rd party only assist me in reskinning, or whether to go with a 3rd party for the whole package. Also my hosting provider is Media Temple (grid server plan), don't know what, if any, ramifications that does or doesn't have. Just thought I'd mention it.

                  Also, you quote a $175 upgrade price. That's $20 off the retail price listed on the purchase page, so where do I find my customer number or license number or whatever "number" I need to get that discount? I'm looking in the root of my existing 3.x files. I see a file called "LICENSE" but it only seems to have the terms in it.

                  Also, I don't see anything on the purchase page form for this $20 discount, upgrade price. I only see a field for a "coupon code" so I'm assuming I need to give my license number to a sales person and get a coupon code... or how does this work?

                  Thank you again for any assistance.


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                    Its just the installation of our software.

                    You need to login by clicking on Customer Login, on the order page, it is the same username and password from the members area.


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                      Thank you. Apparently my license must have been purchased too long ago or something, as it is did not give me the $20 off on the upgrade.

                      Also, according to my profile, when I log in as a user, it says I purchased a professional install when I purchased my vB 3.6.4 (Which would make sense, since I seem to recall paying three-hundred and something when I purchased), but I obviously never redeemed it as I stated above, I never used the previous license I bought.

                      Is there a way to check vBulletin's sales records and see that I purchased a professional install that I've never redeemed?

                      Is there any way to redeem on the install I bought, now that I've just paid full price for the second time to buy vB 4.x (on top of paying for the install) ?

                      I would really appreciate it.



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                        If you have an install you can use it on your updated license.


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                          Thank you. That's good news. The columns read:

                          Column 1:
                          License # / URL
                          (then it has a # I probably should Not share here)

                          Column 2:
                          Status / Type
                          Complete Professional Installation

                          Column 3:
                          Expiry Date

                          Column 4:
                          License Options
                          No License Options

                          But there isn't a link or anything.

                          My apologies for the repeated questions, but how do I redeem it?

                          Thank you again.


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                            The vBulletin FAQ, states, "If you purchase a vBulletin professional installation, you will be sent an email with complete information after the order has been processed."

                            So I pulled my backup archive of my old machine, and found a January 2007 email from vBulletin confirming a completed install. I have no recollection that an install was ever performed with that project, but my digital paper-trail seems to indicate it was (though the site was never launched and the board was never used).

                            Looks like I'm responsible for that again too.

                            My bad.


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                              vBulletin isn't that hard to install yourself. You just upload all the files in the upload directory, set the database credential in inc/config.php, then navigate your browser to the script. click next a few times. Manual is
                              The Reptile File


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