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  • Urgent CMS Question

    Let me start out by saying I am way new at this, so if I say something stupid, please don't make me feel stupid, but do correct me so I won't say it again.

    I am redesigning a site for a very particular client which is a national organization. I need to find news content that can be streamlined to receive only news relevant to this organization.

    Is this what CMS does, and if so, is CMS by vBulletin the product for which I want to stick my neck out on the line or do I need to look somewhere else? And, if I need to look elsewhere, does anyone know of a better place for this content?

    As stated in the title, this is an urgent question, as I am under a tight deadline because I have spent an eternity looking for a product that will do this.

    Thanks for the help.

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    It sounds to me like you want an RSS feed. The CMS is not anything like an RSS feed. You need to put your own articles into the CMS to be displayed, not have them automatically imported from another site.

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      I am interested in the forum - can anyone recommend yea or nah on it?

      Yeah, I think this is the wrong thing for me. My client does not want to participate in providing information - they hire me for that. Also, I don't simply need the portal - I can create a page with RSS feeds, so I don't need it on that level, and to interact with my message board is not desirable because their message board conversations are behind a password wall and are not for public consumption.

      Is there anything I am missing here or is CMS absolutely the wrong product for me at every level?


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        Well, the CMS is very adaptable, but I couldn't recommend it right now without knowing more about how you expect to use it.

        News content can be streamed directly to forums via RSS feeds from CNN or what-have-you (any reputable news source provides RSS feeds)... But I don't know how you'd specify only certain topics if they're too specific. Maybe Google News.


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