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Ditch Wordpress to go with VB4 CMS?

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    Originally posted by Al Zander View Post
    I really wouldn't go past that issue for now. Not unless you already have a healthy network of links through blogs/__spaces/__books, which to fall back on. Starting out (with vB), I have to say vBSEO is practically a must.
    vbSEO is a must even with vb4? (searching more on vbseo right now too)


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      Originally posted by locachica View Post
      vbSEO is a must even with vb4? (searching more on vbseo right now too)
      It isn't. Unless you want your URLs to look in a certain way that vb4 doesn't offer in-stock.


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        The best selling point of vbulletin right now is the integration, and maybe the permissions system (which I believe to be slightly buggy or at least annoying to use, but the potential is there). In most other aspects, based on a few weeks of using the CMS, I think Wordpress is much more advanced (ease of publishing and categorization, no outstanding bugs, interface, etc). They're both good options, but if you already have a forum I'd go with vbulletin.

        In short, you're trading one headache for another (integration pains vs a buggy cms) , but I believe in the long run, these problems in the CMS will be worked out and it will pay off to have stuck with vbulletin. I hope =P


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          Originally posted by quantnet View Post
          We've been using VBAdvanced for a couple of years as our CMS but it is changing shortly.
          We are going to use Wordpress as our CMS and vb 3.8.4 for the forum site even though we bought the vb 4 suite. Our site is highly customized with many custom code. We probably will not use vb 4 for a long while and the VB CMS is years behind WP in term of features and available plugins.
          Integration is the only major issue but there is a mod over in that does a decent job.

          If anyone is interested, here is a mock up of our site using WP


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            Originally posted by StevenTN View Post
            I've been playing with the CMS... and I must be the only one who sees the benefit in the CMS and likes what it has to offer. It really does everything we need to do. My beef with it, though, is that it's still buggy, and shouldn't have been rushed out of Beta.

            And right now, we're using the Wordpress Integration mod found over at, and it's worked great for us.
            I agree. However I'm glad VB did push the cms through quickly to gold. Don't forget its still really beta software but as gold they will support the product.


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              Originally posted by LD1 View Post
              beautiful. who designed it?
              We are half way done but I would have to say that Wordpress allows us to do things not possible right now with VB4 CMS and in the near future. We use the integration bridge so it's not 100% perfect but it works for the purpose.

              Take a look at


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                Regarding that topic I'm still wondering if there will be a good Wordpress Importer for the CMS.


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                  Ha... I just made the switch from WordPress MU to vBulletin. One system for forums, blogs and content management was just too huge. I struggled with vBulletin, but then I started to like it... A LOT. I had to manually move six years worth of content. Heh, I'm still not completely done. You can see it here...


                  SEO is a concern and I'm not liking how vBulletin needs numbers in the URL. There are some oddities too, as WordPress feels more elegant to me. Yet, I'm getting the work done. I have one system. I don't have to worry about any wacky plug-ins or bridges or database sharing... it's just one system. And overall, it seems that my visitors are happy with the new system.
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                    My main reason is that I am tired of running multiple kinds of forum/blogs/wiki/cms software that don't play nice or integrate well with each other.
                    Yeah, that sums it up for me, too.

                    VB CMS is years behind WP in term of features and available plugins.
                    I hear people say that often, but when I think about it, all I really need is a seo friendly, fully intergrated (with my vb forum) method to paste in some text and maybe an image. While Wordpress is fine, getting it to seamlessly integrate with vbulletin is a pain that I've never wanted to fully deal with. I'm confident I can get what I want better through vBulletin.

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