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    Your license is still good, and you've received what you've paid for. A license that allows you to run the software and get updates. We just no longer offer renewals to grab new versions of the software as they're released. When/If your time has expired, you can still get security patches and run the software.


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      Originally posted by cbiweb View Post
      This may have been addressed somewhere at some point, and it has no effect on me, but I'm curious. Why would a 3.x license holder need to pay for 4.0 if they want to upgrade within the 3.x series? I can understand if they want to upgrade from 3.x to 4, but from 3.8.0 to 3.8.4PL1? That doesn't sound reasonable.

      Not trying to start anything here, just not understanding the logic.
      There's a couple thousand people asking the same question. As a customer I don't want to upgrade to an unstable version of 4.0 GOLD. With the amount of bugs and severity of the bugs being reported, coupled with the timeline of them being fixed, forcing folks to upgrade to 4.0 is like having us pay to be their beta testers while they work on the software. That's not my idea of a good software purchase.

      Originally posted by schwab2clarkson View Post
      Why does it suck to you?
      The only problem I see with this that if you wanted to add the cms to your forum you wouldn't be able to as you haven't upgraded. So upgrade and then you will be able to download the cms suite
      If we want a cms, we would use the plethora of good cms out there like Joomla, Drupal, Vbadvanced, and all the others. The CMS of vbulletin 4.0 is the only way to get the blog. So upgrade and then you can start off by submitting bug reports while your pulling your hair out with an unstable, un documented piece of software. This is genius.

      Originally posted by blackberry View Post
      i also don't want to upgrade 4.0

      and its not fair to pay for 4.0 upgrade if u want to stick with 3.8 patches etc.

      Vb team should think about that and give renew option to owned license users
      Agreed. People who have the 3.8 should be able to upgrade without having to purchase an additional license for a software they aren't going to use. I'm not going to use vbulletin 4 but I was still suckered into purchasing a license for it.

      One thing I think people need to be aware of also is that by purchasing vbulletin 4.0 suite, you still will not have access to vbulletin blog. So if your plans are to purchase the 4.0 suite so you can then use 3.8 and the vbulletin blog software, think again. They are not allowing suite purchasers that option. Check out this thread for their direct response to this.

      There seems to be a lot of disappointed customers out there that could easily be helped by allowing them to stick with 3.8 and the blog until vbulletin 4 was actually ready and considered stable with documentation. GOLD in this case is not gold at all, it's not even bronze. Vbulletin, while aware of this still isn't bending and just allowing us to use the software of our choice due mainly to security and about 12 other pages of bug problems with what will probably be a new release each week just to iron out all the bugs.

      Not sure about the rest of you but when I spend a couple hundred dollars on a script, I want some documentation and all bugs ironed out so that when I download what's supposed to be a stable version or a GOLD version, it's actually that. It's really too bad to see this company ruining it's relationship with it's current and loyal customers. That loyalty after all this has diminished greatly. Good luck to all you who purchase this new fandagled software.
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        Originally posted by Zachery View Post
        Ace he has two licenses.
        I should have guessed that. (First person i've noticed to actually mean 'bought a new license' though. )
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          Plenty more satisfied customers on here that's great to know! It is a great little business selling software such as this the same as firewalls and virus software and this is what brings home the bacon. Plenty of people who are willing to fork out extra, if i only i could code as well! Imagine this though what if when vb 3.0 was released it was already available as a fully finished bug free product but it was released in stages just to rake in all that extra dough in support license's is that food for thought or what? Vbulletin will continue to be successful once the bugs are smoothed over. The thing is with all this talk of upgrades you have to ask yourself do you really need them? I know somebody running a older version of vb and still raking in thousands from ad banners. I can assure you he really made his license pay for itself.


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            Originally posted by NyCwill View Post
            After weeks of comparing products and cost and reading up on different product, I've decided to switch to a different forum software.
            What alternative you've choosen?

            I have no plans to fork 200$ for upgrade from 3.8.2 to 3.8.4 so i'm getting a look at the alternatives. I dont care if for that 200$ i also get vb4, blog, gallery or cms. I dont need them.


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