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trying to upgrade... but...

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  • trying to upgrade... but...

    vb4 upgrade system says:

    It is not possible to upgrade directly from vBulletin 2 to vBulletin versions 3.7.x and newer due to incompatabilities in data structures.
    If you are currently running vBulletin 2 and would like to upgrade to the latest version of vBulletin, please begin by downloading a version of vBulletin 3.6 from the vBulletin Members' Area.
    Upload the extracted files from the archive you download over the existing files here and run the upgrade process until it is complete.
    After completing the upgrade process to 3.6.x, download the most recent version of vBulletin from the Members' area, and upload the extracted files here, then continue to run the upgrade process until it is completed.

    i am runnig 3.8.1

    thanks in advance.

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    You can upgrade directly from 3.8.1.

    Next time please post in the correct forum. This is Pre-sales.
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