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Best Install Location for 3.8.4 and 4.0 CMS

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  • Best Install Location for 3.8.4 and 4.0 CMS

    I am trying to plan the most effective layout of my VB4 CMS for management and being SEO friendly. I am inclined to install on the root directory as opposed to a directory such as /forum. I will use the content.php for the site home page. I am not sure what weight it has weith search engines for the site homepage to be located at compated to . So installing on the root places all content and VB folders on the root. I have found it easier to manage (at least for my limited understanding of this topic) to have everthing in a directory like folder as then everything in that folder belongs to VB. When installed on the root there are other folders and a CP that are there as well.

    Is there a recommendation for this and is it know how this is might effect search engine indexing and ranking.

    Just want to get off on the right track setting up the CMS. I am installing 3.8.4 and will hopefully be able to upgrade to the CMS and not break the install of the forum. I am importing my users from another forum into 3.8.4 getting ready for the CMS.

    Any tips are appreciated.

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    My opinion after years of running forums, is to put it in its own directory, not root. If you don't, then if you ever want to add any other scripts to the site, you will have a mess. Plus, you'll end up with default web directories like /images being overlapped with vB's intended use for the same directory name. I suppose if you were positive that this is all that would ever be on the site, then that's fine, but I still wouldn't go that route.

    I intend to keep it in the /forums directory personally. I am going to use rewrites (via vBSEO) to make the urls appear as if the CMS stuff is in the root directory, and the Blog in the /blogs directory. My understanding is that this should be relatively easy todo, but I guess I'll have to wait and see. Plus, my sites are mainly forums, and I don't want to disrupt that part of things.
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      I have the same problem
      I installed my forum in a root /forum .
      I have a subdreamer installed in the root . but now i want that it will be the same location for VB4 CMS ..and the forum --> .

      how to applicate this ?
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        This has been requested a lot. I think vB will take care of these requests. Please just be patient for beta release.
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          I hope they provide a simple documentation, and logical approach to this for basic users of vb


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            same problem, i think the best solution its place your vb in /root and still working with your subdomain "forum, as example" pointing to "root" while users are increasingly accustomed.

            then the CMS will be the index.php


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              I guess all wordpress users are thinking about it seriously.
              anyone planning wordpress to vb CMS
              I am really thinking about switching from wordpress to CMS but I have a few details make me sick.
              As you know cms files will stay in the same place with vb forum files, but I prefer /forum/ path for my site. when I get rid of wordpress should I direct to my site home url through server panel or .htaccess file.? I mean if a user types to domain name (www. domain. com ) on the browser, it will direct to www. (cms).
              any negative seo/performance etc.. effects on that way?
              what would you recommend or plan for yours?
              Need more help!

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                Yes many wordpress members are worried about the location, url's and getting current content over to the new system lol.


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