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Hello,i need have some question about license.

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  • Hello,i need have some question about license.

    I am thinking to buy this forum script,currently in 4.x version as i see in the website.My questions are that:"Can i use this license only for one domain name at a time? i can use it for all my domains?i must choose on which domain i want my license to be applied at my order?Do i have the license for a lifetime or i have to pay again after a year?When an update of the 4.x forum goes out i take it for free?ex.let's say i have the 4.0.0 version and a 4.0.1 version goes out,can i take this version for free?When new versions go out like 5.x can i upgrade to them and pay and have lifetime license?And do i have the option to stay on my current version and have my lifetime license,if i actually have a lifetime license.

    Thank you

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    Each license is good for one installation of vBulletin, i.e., one set of vB files on one domain with one set of vB database tables.

    Beginning with vB4 there is no longer any expiration date or annual renewal on licenses. Once you purchase a license you will have the right to download and use all new versions of vB4 for life.

    You will be able to purchase an upgrade to vB5 when that version is available.
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