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  • Really confused

    Ok I`m not an existing customer of Vbulletin but am considering it. I`ve read all the moans and groans about the recent price hikes, doesn`t really bother me as long as the software does what its supposed to do. I currently run a forum and website using E107 and phpbb3

    My question is this :

    What is the difference between the standard 4.0 forum and the "publishing suite" ?

    Is the publishing suite a website as well ? And if it is wouldn`t it be rather limited, wouldn`t customers be better off having the vbulletin forum running in convjunction with something like joomla for the main site ?

    I`m trying to find out what the differences are between the 2 offers. As i understand it the basic forum is simply that and the publishing suite includes, blog, cms system (is this the website bit ?) and a few other bits and pieces

    I was considering using joomla for main site and vbulletin for forum section. Could the publishing suite fulfill my needs with out needing to use Joomla ?

    Any help would be most appreciated

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    The forum only one is just that, the forum only. The publishing suite includes forum, blog, CMS (content management system) an All in One Package. Joomla is also a CMS so yes, the CMS system is the website bit. The publishing suite includes all of this, plus members of your site would no longer have double login, as they only have to login once to the site and they can access everything without any patches / bridges.


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      You can see a feature comparison here:
      Steve Machol, former vBulletin Customer Support Manager (and NOT retired!)
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        Have a look at there website,


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          Thanks for the swift replies, I have looked at the features already its the CMS bit I`m trying to understand. E107 and Joomla are both CMS systems but how does VB CMS stack up against these 2 free monsters ? Thats the bit I`m interested in. Also I understand that the suite isn`t actually on general release yet ? When will this be ready as I don`t want to buy it unless its live ?


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            We all don't know how well vB CMS will stack up to Joomla, etc. yet. To be honest, I don't expect it to be as good or as feature complete as Joomla/Drupal is right out of the gate. It will take some time to get there. On the other hand, I expect that the biggest plus to using the Publishing Suite will be tighter integration between the CMS and forums.

            I currently run a Drupal CMS and vB forums, and the only way I've gotten them to somewhat work together is by using a 3rd party mod from Drupal to hook into the forums db for users, and automatically post threads in vB when a new article is posted. All comments on the article are done in vB, and then displayed at the bottom of the article in the Drupal template. It's a hack, and it's buggy and ugly, but that's the best there really is right now, unless you went down the route of VBDrupal, which is a heavily modified (and very old) version of Drupal that's had a lot of mainline code changes to integrate it (slightly) better with vB. When I ran Joomla I paid for a 3rd party module to do the same integration that worked fairly well, but at the end of the day, it was still an ugly hack.

            So it all depends on what you want. For me, my forums are more active than my CMS, and I am looking to change that, so I am looking to leverage the traffic on my forums to drive growth in my CMS. I feel that going the route of the Publishing Suite will be the best way for me to achieve that goal. I'm willing to live with a slightly less feature rich CMS for the time being as a trade off for better integration with my forums. Other people may have other needs, and perhaps even for them the plan vB forums and a stand alone CMS may make sense.


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