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    I bought now. I simply told my members about the unexpected VB price increase and that we would have some cool stuff when it does release around the end of this year. They ponied up the cash, I paid for tie discounted price for VB4 suite. No biggie.
    I like the idea of no annual maintenance fees. If it takes them 3 years to come out with VB 5, which I predict it will, then in the long run it's a wash as far as total cost goes.


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      Originally posted by slinky View Post
      What discount did you get? What does this have to do with the discussion? Are you posting in the right thread? If you're talking about a 3 year vb4 life cycle then I hope you don't come down soon from what you're smoking or else you'll sober up when the credit card bill is due, lol!!! If the product life cycle for vB 4 is 8 years, you'll have saved 200% over the previous licensing too! woot!
      To answer your questions,...

      1 - I purchased under the pre-order discount, that was valid through today,...

      2 - It has to do with "Why pay now??"

      3 - Not smoking anything, and credit card payment is already paid up in full every month.

      4 - If I pre paid for vB4 now, long before it comes out Gold, and I get to get all my 3.8 up to date, and lets say its six months before 4.0 Gold comes out, then my license already consumed six months.

      5 - If vB4 comes out in six months, and then maybe vB4.1 or vB4.2 later on through the year, and vB4 ends up with a 1.5 year life cycle, as you have guessed at, then so far I have had an active licenses for my sites for two full years. (but lets assume with reason the average life cycle of the prior revisions, and that vB3 lasted through vB3.8, so my guess of longer than a year or year and a half, is better than yours in realistic terms)


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        Well, I admit, I had similar reservations without a release date, but after mulling it over and researching the forum boards... i bit. Renewed both my licenses... main reason, I can't wait for this feature to be implemented down the road:


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