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Business running Vbulletin needs clarification on release 4.0 suite

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  • Business running Vbulletin needs clarification on release 4.0 suite


    First I have no issues with whatever Vbulletin mgt. wants to charge for a product or them wanting to make money. They have a business model and my hats off to them. This is also no complaint or flame.
    I'm using vbulletin for business. They could charge $500 and I'd probably pay it. With that being said, I also have a business to run and have a business model and would like to know some information in order to properly run my business just like any other business professional would like to. Can you please answer my questions as sending an email got me no details and someone in mgt. has to have details or you wouldn't be running a business.

    My questions are as follows:

    How do I make a proper business plan with 4.0 suite which I purchased the upgrade when I have no clue when it will be released? Surely one doesn't just wake up in the AM and decide lets go public beta and then gold release.
    What are the business facts that you can tell me?

    I really need more information as I'm sure anyone else who is wanting to run Vbulletin suite for business. Especially if I was planning to install a CMS software. Do I go ahead and install wordpress or similar now? If I'm told it will be x months for 4.0 suite to come out, these are IMPORTANT business decisions for me to make. Yet, you guys just aren't providing any details.

    I see you have a closed beta that just started. Based on this, someone must know how long an expected time frame will be before a general public beta and then a gold release. I relalize that time frames could change, but you at least need to provide some information for us to make business decisions. Especially for those trying to use your software for business purposes.


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    Just to inform you that there won't be a public beta, the only thing public is to see the software in action, as the user.
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      Thanks for the information. Why is it so hard to obtain the business model for the role out per my email? Even if it's way off, a business plan has to exist.

      Another thing that could be problematic, as a business professional who deals with credit card companies, a problem may exist on charging for a product (software) and not providing it within a certain amount of time. Not trying to create more headaches for them, but this is all part of business model planning.


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        Another thing you won't get is a release date. The closest you'll get is "We're aiming for Q4 of 2009".

        Never wait for a software or 3rd party to run your company, do what needs done now and just deal with it. Personally, I've went ahead with using Wordpress as my CMS and built a matching theme for vBulletin already. if the CMS released is good, then its only a few lost hours and converting the content from Wordpress to vBCMS won't be to hard since I'll only have a few articles.


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